TSI/Alnor Velocity Matrix

Watching my son while he plays takes me back to when I was a kid. I remember how anything that was in the shape of a sword was the coolest thing ever! Well, you can get that feeling back while you’re at work. Become the air balancing Jedi that you deserve to be.

September 2019 High-Performance HVAC Product Review of the Alnor/TSI MatrixFor my September 2019 product review, I chose the TSI/Alnor 801090 velocity matrix. It has always been my fall-back instrument when it comes to using other tools in undesirable locations. Like a ninja in the night, the velocity matrix increases your speed and accuracy.

The velocity matrix is the same grid found in the bottom of balancing hoods. The difference is, it’s on a stick. This instrument is extremely beneficial for measuring economizers, kitchen hoods, or if you are just too tired to move furniture out of the way to use your balancing hood.

The TSI/Alnor 801090 16” x 16” matrix has a leave-your-ladder-in-the-truck feature, using a poll that extends and retracts. Just like any other velocity measuring device, the EBT730 micromanometer (that’s used with the matrix) can be set up to display CFM (cubic feet per minute) on the screen.

This saves you time on math calculations. The device averages 16-point air volume/air velocity measurements and has an air velocity range of 25 to 2500 fpm (feet per minute).

However, the velocity matrix has one downside. For those of you who measure economizer airflow, it isn’t the best tool to use on windy days. Because the test ports are open with no protection, there could be large fluctuations in velocity measurements. When used to measure open-area airflow, it works very well.

All in all, it’s a great instrument.

For more information or to purchase the 801090 Velocity Matrix, visit the NCI Store here: ncilink.com/VelocityMatrix.

To learn more about EBT73 Micromanometer, go to ncilink.com/EBT730.

To learn more about how to use this manometer, NCI members can download a Tech Tip here: ncilink.com/EBT730TechTip.

That’s it for my September 2019 Product Review.

– By Casey Contreras, National Comfort Institute Field Coach, and Instructor