Written by HVAC Professionals for HVAC Professionals

At Punbar LLC, we receive National Comfort Institute (NCI) Bucks annually to provide in-person training for our field service and installation technicians.

NCI Bucks can go toward reducing training expenses

The NCI Bucks process is straightforward. Typically, we enroll our technicians in the relevant courses, and a dedicated representative handles the application of bucks towards our training expenses.

When we call to register, the representative tells us how many bucks we have available to apply toward that class’ registration fees.

This program is part of our Learning Excellence Premium membership. We earn bucks based on the products and services we buy through their Training Incentive Partnership Program (TIPP). Our membership includes unlimited online training and the maximum percentage of TIPP Bucks. Plus we receive one paid Summit seat and a print subscription to High-Performance HVAC Today magazine.

I strongly endorse National Comfort Institute and their training programs. They help us ensure our team stays up-to-date on our High-Performance HVAC certifications and processes. At Punbar, we find that being able to reduce the cost for live training using their “Bucks” program is amazing.

This year, we are exploring partnerships with more of NCI’s vendors that can offer us enhanced opportunities to acquire additional Bucks, such as collaborating with Goodman as our equipment supplier.

To learn more about the power of NCI Bucks, go to ncilink.com/Bucks.

You can also learn more about TIPP at ncilink.com/TIPP, and membership here: ncilink.com/NCIMembership.

— by Ronald Amaya, Punbar LLC, Houston, TX