We?ve Restructured NCI Online University!

You may notice some great changes to the look and feel of our Online University. All the training has been reorganized into logical learning steps.

Latest updates for the NCI Online University

Let?s take a look at the Advanced Technical Training category:

NCI Fundamentals 101 consists of 10 courses that will help your team understand the basics of airflow, what the fan laws are and how they work, and addresses the impact of returns and grilles, filters, and more. It also includes an introduction to Carbon Monoxide.

NCI Fundamentals 201 has nine courses that take your field people to the next level once they?ve mastered the 101 series. From how to take duct traverses to basic building pressure, this level sets you up to understand Btu measurement, how to calculate HSPS? and CSPS?, and so much more.

System Performance Testing features eight courses covering the fundamentals of HVAC system performance and measured Btus. Techs will learn system temperature measurement basics, fundamentals of equipment Btu measurement, and system Btu measurement.

Another beneficial change: Members receive a 10% discount on all classes while those who have the Learning Excellence Premium and Learning Excellence Online subscriptions get the entire Online University included.

The NCI Online University Business Management Training follows a similar organization. There are 101, 201, and 301 levels plus a four-module Path to Performance with NCI?s 4-D Business Model course.

Online University also offers Business Performance 101 and 201 Training.

Plus, Online University?s reorganized Customer Service Training includes the following courses:

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Proactive Customer Service 101
  • Proactive Customer Service 201
  • HVACR for Rookies.

Don?t forget about the library of NCI Series Webinars ? over 70 hour-long recorded webinars on a variety of HVAC subjects, led by NCI trainers and staff.

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