In High-Performance HVAC Contracting, creating processes that follow best practices is simply the best way to work and be successful. From a construction standpoint, you wouldn’t dream of doing a large HVAC system installation without having a set of blueprints for the home or building. The good thing is that the “blueprint is already created,” thanks to the research and study done by National Comfort Institute (NCI) over the years.

These blueprints will standardize your approach, create better opportunities to solve customer problems, and help make your business some money.

Ben DiMarco, DiMarco and Associates, Cleveland, OH

But one company’s approach to best practices won’t always work for another. You have to make those processes and practices that work for your company, co-workers, and customers.

At DiMarco and Associates, High-Performance HVAC contracting always starts and ends with training. I’m not only talking about technical training, there is much more to it than that.

Who Are DiMarco and Associates?

It makes sense to know a little about us to understand our best practices. Located on the east side of Cleveland, OH, DiMarco and Associates is a commercial and residential HVAC company that focuses primarily on service and replacement work. The company offers a wide variety of services and disciplines to help customers be safe, comfortable, and healthy in both their commercial and residential environments. One of our secrets to success is being diversified – not all our eggs are in one nest.

We perform service, installations, some new construction, retrofit, Design/Build, and system optimization and retro-commissioning. And we do this with just 28 employees.

Being diverse is a huge saving grace, especially in these times. To do this requires a culture of learning and training. That is where we saw the advantages of approaching our work as High-Performance HVAC contractors. We added technical training from National Comfort Institute more than 10 years ago and became members of that organization in 2013.

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My vice president, Henry Sterling, and I are very deep into implementing performance into every aspect of what we do. We both have taken classes and are certified in several disciplines. We took what we learned and now teach these disciplines to our technicians. Several of our top technicians are also trained and certified to teach our younger guys airflow diagnostics and combustion analysis.

Best Practices for Static Pressure

Over the years, static pressure testing has become the basis of how we do preventive maintenance and service. In fact, static pressure is integral to our contracts.

Static pressure testing is supposed to be on every service call. It is part of our residential service checklist whenever we’re out on a diagnostic call. We make exceptions, especially during summer when we face unending no-cooling calls. We consider those calls emergencies and try to get the HVAC system working as quickly as possible.

On commercial jobs, we do static pressure testing or conduct a duct traverse to make sure economizers are set up correctly.

Training for commissioning is an ongoing process for us. We make sure to do static pressure testing as part of every installation start up. This is our commissioning process which we do on both residential and commercial jobs.

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