During these challenging times, it’s important we find new creative ways to package and offer products and services that address people’s concerns stemming from COVID-19 and social distancing.

We are learning from our members and students about many innovative ways they are retooling existing products and services, and offering new ones to improve air quality, health, and safety in customers’ homes and businesses.

After millions of people began working from their homes during the first two months of the shutdown, large companies and small have been rethinking the workplace, and are encouraging many employees to continue working from home where it makes sense.

Spare bedrooms, finished attics, and basements are now the new work environment. Let’s take a look at some of the innovative approaches residential HVAC companies are using to help improve the safety, health, comfort, and productivity of these spaces as well as the entire home:

IAQ & Humidity Control

Obviously people are more concerned about the air they breathe. Aren’t you? Today there are many new products to help improve overall Indoor Air Quality and humidity control. Better air filtration is an obvious one, but you have to be careful not to restrict airflow. Having more surface area is the key to using high-efficiency filters.

By introducing more outside air, you can better pressurize a home, which also reduces dust and other contaminants. A combination of targeted dehumidification and humidification can keep the Relative Humidity (RH) in a home within the healthy range of just enough humidity.

One key often-missed factor is making sure the system has proper airflow and minimal duct leakage so that these devices can work properly.

Better Balanced Homes

Air balancing is an important aspect of even comfort throughout a home. Of course, you need the proper total airflow for balancing to work. Replacing restrictive filters, and cleaning coils and blowers are all also important steps.

Sometimes additional duct runs, registers, and return grilles are necessary to provide the right airflow to each room. Once you test airflow to every space, you’ll have the intel you need to provide great solutions.

Better Comfort Control

More precisely controlling comfort is very important, especially when using spaces differently than originally intended. Long-term home officing is an example of this.

Zoning can be the perfect solution for optimum temperature control. There are a number of ‘retrofit’ zoning systems that can help accomplish this, even when the ductwork is not as easy to access.

Noise control is also important. Noisy systems can often be fixed when airflow is sufficient and well balanced. One of the keys is having lower air velocities. In some cases replacing grilles and registers can make a huge difference. Another key contributor to more comfortable and healthier air is having more Air Changes per Hour (ACHs).

I’m sure there are many contractors out there, especially those who test and verify performance, coming up with creative solutions every day. If you are one of these innovators, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me ‘ we are always looking to publish great ideas. Click here (DomG@ncihvac.com) to send me an email.

One last, very important thought. Just having the technical ability to do all these great things is only 50% of the equation. What is equally important is your ability to communicate what you can do for your customers.

Think of creative ways to package these solutions, not focusing on the detailed features of what you can do, but rather the benefits your customers can enjoy from the innovative improvements you can offer them to improve the safety, health, comfort, and energy efficiency of their homes.