Exclusive Member Benefit: The 2018 Virtual Summit Offer

If you didn’t attend the High-Performance HVAC Summit in Austin, TX this year, we have some great news. National Comfort Institute, Inc. has set up a special Virtual Summit experience for members and their employees. You can access it 24/7/365 through March 2019, once you’ve enrolled.

This online version of this popular event is available to you and your entire company for just $695!

NCI’s Virtual Summit includes PDFs of all Summit materials including the workbook, trailblazer implementation map, and session downloads. In addition, there are three comprehensive videos, including:

  • Opening Session
  • Panel Discussion
  • Closing Session.

All six of the breakout sessions are available with audio recordings and PowerPoint presentations. The sessions are:

  • Our Leap from Tradesman to Craftsman — Kevin Walsh of Schaafsma Heating and Cooling Co. highlights the challenges he and his team faced when implementing Performance-Based Contracting’ craftsmanship into their 100+-year-old business.
  • Productive and Profitable Duct Renovations – Vince DiFilippo shares how DiFilippo’s Service Co. not only finds opportunities, but how they perform renovations productively and profitably.
  • You Too Can Sell High Performance HVAC – If You Just Do It! — Comfort advisor Eric Johnson of AC by Jay, challenges you to check your preconceived notions at the door so you can learn a more thorough way to profitably resolve customer safety, health, comfort, and energy efficiency concerns.
  • Where Indoor Air Quality Meets System Performance — IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) expert, John Ellis of So Cal Air Dynamics, explains how you can deliver high-integrity HVAC systems, combined with IAQ solutions, to address your customer’s unique needs.
  • ComfortMaxx Air?: Put It to Work! — Nathan Copeland will share how Copeland & Son AC & Heating Service uses it to help customers understand how their HVAC system is doing using visual reports.
  • Become Your Local Carbon Monoxide Evangelist — Tom Johnson walks you through the steps that TM Johnson Brothers used to become the ‘Go-to-Guy’ for resolving carbon monoxide (CO) issues in his marketplace.

Given the variety and depth of the sessions, you may want to find a method of learning them that works best for you and your team. Some ideas may be to go through one each day, or if you find one particularly valuable, download the audio and listen to it on your drive.

Be sure to follow the steps below to get the most out of Virtual Summit 2018 for your entire team:

  1. Download the Summit Workbook
  2. Download and print out the Trailblazer Map
  3. Start off with the Opening Session presented by NCI CEO Dominick Guarino. Be sure to watch it with your entire staff!
  4. Head into the sessions – all the audio can be downloaded (if you want to listen like a podcast), along with any applicable files.

In addition, set aside about an hour and half to watch the panel discussion, listen to NCI President Rob Falke’s closing comments as he reflects on the future, and repeat as needed! Repetition is key to learning, and you can attend the Virtual Summit all year long!

Speaking of all-year long, by purchasing the Virtual Summit 2018 package, you can also participate in our Post-Summit Trailblazer coaching sessions ($1000 value)! This is a monthly live group Implementation Coaching session offered four times a month (every Friday) — one for each of the four U.S. time zones ‘ exclusive to Summit 2018 participants.

Click Here to learn more about this valuable Online Coaching!

Click Here to order your Virtual Summit Package today! NCI Members can apply their NCI Bucks towards the purchase of the Virtual Summit.

Sizzling Summer Onsite Training Special Benefit

With the onset of the busy Summer season, there usually isn’t time to send technicians to training and certification classes. But NCI can help. We can bring the training and certification classes directly to you.

We call this Onsite Training, and you can now save up to $3,000 in value and discounts on having certification training at your company!

The Summer Onsite Special runs from June 1st to July 31st. Here are 10 reasons why you should schedule one for your technicians today:

  1. GET UP TO $3,000 in extra value and discounts when you schedule Onsite Training between June 1st and July 31, 2018
  2. SCHEDULE A CUSTOMIZED training program designed to meet your specific needs
  3. ONE AFFORDABLE PRICE to train, certify/recertify your entire team
  4. EXTRA HANDS-ON Field Training Day is available
  5. MORE ONE-ON-ONE TIME with instructor
  6. BONUS EVENING SESSIONS AVAILABLE with NCI Instructors available at no additional cost
  7. TRAINING ALL DEPARTMENTS gets everyone on the same page
  8. NO TRAVEL TIME OR EXPENSES – We come to you and train in your facilities. Less downtime for your team.
  9. EARN NATE, BPI and State CEU’s (where applicable)
  10. BEGIN IMMEDIATELY Implementing what you learned and recover your investment in months, maybe weeks!

Onsite training is a very popular member program and the time slots fill up quickly. If you’d like to bring NCI certification training to your technicians and keep them on the cutting edge of Performance-Based Contracting’, then contact Mike Fowle at 800-633-7058.

Be sure to lock in your discounted training dates today!!!!!

Using Bucks for Tool Purchases – A Member-only Benefit

Did you know that NCI has made exciting changes to how members can buy tools, instruments, and support materials? It is true.

Members can now apply NCI Bucks to pay for up to 50% of their tool and/or instrument orders! For example, if you have $2000 in NCI Bucks, and you order an EBT 731 Flow Hood for $3245, you can apply up to 50% ($1622.50) in NCI Bucks to that tool order, then pay the balance with a credit card.

This benefit is ONLY for NCI members!

In addition, NCI has increased the member discount from 2% to 5% on all tools, instruments, and support materials. Keep in mind that these two benefits do not apply to our resale products.

Furthermore, NCI now offers FREE shipping and handling on all tool, instrument, and support material orders that total more than $200. If your order is under $200, a standard $15 shipping charge will apply.

Oversized items may be subject to additional shipping costs. Again, resale products are excluded.

If you have any questions, please call Nick Guarino at 1-800-633-7058.

Help Your Customers Buy – Offer Financing

Today, everyone is wary about the economy. Consumers spend a lot of time and energy shopping for deals. They’ll spend money, but they want the most bang for their buck. That often means they want to finance expensive items.

Will they appreciate financing when it comes to buying new HVAC systems, Air Upgrades, or duct renovations? Absolutely! Can you do this without hurting your cash flow? Of course.

NCI High-Performance HVAC Alliance partner, Electric and Gas Industries Association* (EGIA), can help you in this endeavor. Their GeoSmart? Financing Clearinghouse can simplify the process, save you money, and provide great financing to your customers.

In fact, according to GeoSmart General Manager Rob Noll, EGIA offers plans for virtually any situation your customer may need — from Same-As-Cash deals, to low monthly payments, to low interest rates. Plus, you can get financing for any customer, whether they have an excellent credit score, or not-so-excellent.

Noll says that because of problematic credit scores, 30% of consumers get turned down for first-look financing.

‘That is a lot of business to leave on the table,’ he comments.’ ‘EGIA has terrific second-look financing for consumers with lower credit scores and even those programs are very affordable.

‘These financing programs can make it so much easier for customers to buy the high efficiency upgrades or duct renovations necessary for them to attain the comfort the want,’ he says.

‘This financing offers low payments and the best payback for the consumer.’

The most popular financing program right now, according to Noll, is the 12-month same-as-cash package. He adds that there are no dealer fees, and that applying can be done via their website, their mobile app, and by phone.

To see the most popular financing programs HVAC contractors through EGIA’s GeoSmart Clearinghouse, click here. These are part of EGIA’s Express Loan program. They also offer many other programs and options.

‘Financing is also available for Performance-Based Contractors in the commercial arena,’ Noll says. ‘We offer a five-year commercial lease program up to $250,000 with no dealer fees. This is great for church or strip mall customers who often don’t have the cash available for the work they need done.’

For more information, you can contact Rob Noll directly at 855-207-6834.

Did You Know? . . .’

As a member of National Comfort Institute (NCI), you have access to online digital fillable forms that you can use in your business. We have an area on the NCI website called i-NCI. It is a special download portal that contains some great NCI-specific tools and apps for use on your mobile tablet and web-enabled devices.

So what does this mean?

These free downloads are designed to help you manage many different areas of your Performance-Based Contracting’ business ‘ from sales, service and installation management, and more.

Some of these tools include:

  • Home Comfort Analysis Customer Survey
  • Home Comfort Analysis Tech Upflow
  • Home Comfort Analysis Tech Downflow
  • Home Comfort Analysis Tech Horizontal
  • Home Comfort Analysis Tech Lowboy.

These downloads are PDF forms that can be filled out right on your mobile device. We are working on several new additions to this downloadable library, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, to fill out these PDFs on your mobile devices, we recommend you download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app for iOS.

You can find it in the Apple App Store. For Android devices, you’ll find it on the Google App Store.