Do you want to streamline your testing and diagnostic processes? What about simultaneously generating more sales leads and more sales closings? Then you should consider using National Comfort Institute’s (NCI) ComfortMaxx™ cloud-based software.

Will Horner

Here at Canco ClimateCare, we jumped onto the ComfortMaxx software five or six years ago. I immediately saw the value in it. Simply stated, ComfortMaxx is an easy way to show customers what they can’t see.

The software provides a cloud-based space to record our system testing measurements. It also does all the calculations and creates a consumer-friendly report that shows customers what is really happening with their HVAC system — including their ductwork.

ComfortMaxx’ enables us to do a comparison of their system before we work on it and after we are done. The numbers don’t lie.
We use ComfortMaxx’ as a diagnostics and verification tool as well as for lead generation and sales.

In a way, this software is also a customer retention tool. Once a client goes through our process, then sees the report, they trust we know what we are doing. They almost always come back to us for more projects.

I strongly recommend that High-Performance Contractors give it a try. You need to be trained and certified by NCI, but after that, it is an inexpensive way to set your competition back on its heels.

I’ve even used it to help industry friends solve problems. I always tell them to consider using it themselves, to get the training, and I also tell them to call me if they have any questions. I absolutely love this software and consider it one of the best benefits of NCI membership.

To learn more about ComfortMaxx’ go to

— Will Horner, Canco ClimateCare, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.