EVAPCO Air-Cooled Condenser

EVAPCO-AT-ACCDesigned specifically for use in large commercial applications (primarily for the power generation industry) EVAPCO’s Advanced Technology? ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) combines a new modular construction scheme with the enhanced thermal performance of EVAPCO’s patented nuCore? Heat Exchanger.

It uses an induced-draft design ‘ where the fan is located above the heat exchanger. This provides several advantages: lower overall unit height, reduced potential for re-circulation, and less risk of fan vibration caused by high winds.

For more information on the Advanced Technology ACC, please visit www.evapco-blct.com.

Fujitsu Medium Static Pressure Duct Units

Fujitsu Medium Static Pressure Duct UnitsFujitsu General America recently introduced new medium static pressure duct indoor units for their single-zone Halcyon mini-split product line.

This new RGLX line is designed to provide sufficient static pressure to heat or cool a whole house. Units are available in seven sizes ranging from 12,000 to 48,000 BTUH, with efficiency ratings up to 21.3 SEER.

Compact size and broad capacity range make the medium static mini-splits applicable to a wide range of applications. The evaporators are slim enough to fit most ceiling spaces, making them ideal for hidden installations, while the condensing units can be installed below a window or in a narrow space.

Through the wired or wireless controller, automatic airflow adjustment function can be selected, in which the unit detects required airflow and automatically adjusts it. Installers can select from two- or three-wire control via a dip switch on the indoor unit.

The V-shaped heat exchanger, air stabilizer and DC fan motor assure quiet, efficient operation. The 12, 18, and 24,000 BTUH RGLX models are also Energy Star qualified.

For more information, contact a local Fujitsu representative, or visit www.FujitsuGeneral.com.

Danfoss Self-Regulating Heating Cables

Danfoss recently introduced Connecto NA’its new and improved line of connection kits for Danfoss self-regulating heating cables.

Compared to traditional connections, these Connecto kits can be installed 75% faster’in as little as three minutes.

The Connecto kits are designed in eight variations that include the proper splice or power connection assembly, as well as a threaded cap, sleeve, clamping sleeve and clamping sheet.

The PX Pipe Freeze Protection Cables can be used to prevent water and sanitary pipes from freezing and becoming ice-damaged. They can also ensure hot water or fluid pipes maintain required temperatures and consistent flow.

For more information, visit: bit.ly/DanfossConnecto

Watts QuadRail? Fastener System

Watts recently announced the launch of its new QuadRail? Fastener system. The QuadRail? Fastener is designed to hold a wide variety of Watts tubing and pipe in a substrate such as concrete, thin slab, and sand.

Ideal for radiant heating/cooling or snow melt applications, these rails can be secured to foam board insulation, wood sub-flooring, or turf using staples, screws, or nails.

QuadRail? Fastener specifications:

  • Injection molded of durable nylon
  • Flexible to easily follow the contour of the surface it’s being attached to
  • Each rail: 4-feet long
  • Unlimited length of installed railing (due to interlocking ends)
  • Tube spacing in 4-inch increments
  • Available in bundles of 10. For more information, go to the website at Watts.com.