NEW! High Performance Talk Website

NCI continually seeks to improve and upgrade the value of your membership. That is why this month we introduced an upgrade to our PerformanceTalk email discussion system. It is called High Performance Talk.

National Comfort Institute's High Performance Talk Forum

HighPerformance Talk is a completely new service for NCI Members

As with all new things, there is change, but all the new features are well worth it, and we think you’ll find the new High Performance Talk even more beneficial. In fact, one of it’s new key features is the ability to interact not only through email, but through a new website ( as well. So, you can choose ‘ you can continue to interact with each other through email, just like you do now with PerformanceTalk, or you can go to the website whenever you wish and read all the discussions threads there. You can also start discussions there that all subscribers will see. is a website for NCI members only. You’ll need to create a password, then you can adjust the settings on your account to make the site work best for you.

Some new features include:

  • Conversations will all stay on one page, plus the ability to jump around the conversation easily by using a friendly smart scroll bar
  • The ability to tag people by using ‘@(and their username)?
  • Web browsers like Google’s Chrome will display notifications when you’re tagged or there’s a new conversation in a category you’re watching. Not on a browser? You’ll get email notifications.
  • Email management. You can continue to make new posts and reply to posts via email
  • Simple. Clean. You now have a simple, clean reading experience
  • Mobile friendly. is completely mobile friendly on your smart phone or tablet. It will allow you to read, reply, or post right then and there
  • Community moderation rules for are the same as they were on the old PerformanceTalk (see these FAQs/Guidelines if you need a refresher). The difference being is that now you’ll have moderation tools that you can use to flag unappropriated content that moderators and admins can then follow up on.
  • EMOJIs! Now you have access to Badges and Emoji. Go ahead, you know you want to post those little smiley faces 🙂

Unfortunately, we can’t bring over your log in information from, so you will have to sign up. It’s simple and is all part of your membership. In other words, it’s FREE. Be sure to add to your ‘safe senders’ or white list for your email to make sure that you get emails from the site.

The old PerformanceTalk email service will eventually phase out, so sign up for High Performance Talk today. Invitations have already gone out, but if you haven’t received one, call Nick Guarino, our Member Support Manager at 800-633-7058.

ComfortMaxx Air’ is FREE with Your Membership

#HVAC ComfortMaxx Air from National Comfort Institute, Inc.

Free with your membership: ComfortMaxx Air

ComfortMaxx Air’ is NCI’s cloud-based professional lead generation and sales tool that is part of your monthly membership dues? This is a $95/month value (that is what non-members pay to subscribe to it).

ComfortMaxx Air helps you record and calculate system airflow information based on static pressure measurements for virtually any type of residential or light commercial HVAC system. It also provides high-quality customer-facing reports that add credibility to your findings and recommendations. And the best part is that ComfortMaxx Air is included in your NCI membership dues. To access, all you have to do is register.

Learn more about all the ComfortMaxx Air features and benefits by clicking here: Watch our Quick Start Video to see how ComfortMaxx™ Air works. And if you haven’t done so, register today. Just call Nick Guarino at 800/633-7058 or email him today at

NCI Store Offers More Products, More Member Benefits

National Comfort Institute Member Tool SalesLATE BREAKING NEWS: National Comfort Institute, Inc. (NCI) recently added several Fieldpiece Instruments products to their online store’s repertoire of approved test instruments for their Performance-Based Contracting’ members. These new products include anemometers, manometers, as well as static pressure probes.

In addition, the company announced that more than 40 items are now on sale. Members get even bigger price breaks because they can take NCI’s Member Discount of 5% in addition to the sale price. Don’t forget that NCI also offers members the ability to use their NCI Bucks to pay for up to 50% of their tool and/or instrument orders. There are financing options as well.

PLUS, the company provides Free Shipping on all orders over $200 (excluding resale and oversized products).

Membership certainly pays. Be sure to visit the store today: Or call the Customer Care line at 800-633-7058 and ask for Nick Guarino.