Welcome to Our New NCI Trainers

Professional trainer Jim Ball
Jim Ball

National Comfort Institute (NCI) announces the addition of three new trainers to our High-Performance HVAC professional family. Please join us in welcoming all three. They bring professional experience and industry knowledge to the game and will enhance the training offers we have for you, our members:

Jim Ball recently sold his HVAC company, Ball Heating and Air and wants to give back to the industry. He hopes to help those involved with NCI to move forward with the implementation of high-performance processes into their businesses.NCI recognized Jim as an NCI Contractor of the Year, he received the Chairman’s Award, and The John Garofalo Implementation Excellence Award at Summit in the past. Welcome aboard, Jim!

Professional trainer Jayme Carden
Jayme Carden

Jayme Carden began working in the construction industry in the 1980s in all areas from residential remodels to large-scale development projects. He became involved with HVAC testing and diagnostics in the early 1990s, eventually partnering with NCI’s Scott Johnson to form Maximum Performance Housing, Inc., an HERS rating outfit in California.

Professional trainer Mitchell Bailey
Mitch Bailey

In addition he worked with IHACI (Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries) as a trainer and curriculum developer. Jayme joins NCI as a trainer and will be working with the California team as an in-class High-Performance HVAC trainer.

Mitchell Bailey is the owner of Bailey’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Modesto, CA. He is a member of ACCA, RSES, and IHACI, and currently holds six different NATE certifications as well as certifications in duct design, load calculations, Title 24, Wrightsoft, zoning, and home automation. He joins the NCI training team in California with more than 38 years of on-the-job experience and has serviced and installed thousands of HVAC systems.

Once again congratulations to these three additional members of the NCI training team!

Why the NSI 6000 is NOT Sold Direct to Consumers

NSI 6000 CO Monitor

National Comfort Institute (NCI) staff are often asked why we don’t sell the National Safety Instruments (NSI) 6000 Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor directly to the public? The truth is that we could sell more monitors if we marketed and sold them directly to consumers.

Nick Guarino

There are, however, some significant reasons why — for nearly 20 years — we choose to only sell through trained professional contractorss. To understand why, it’s essential to know the difference between a low-level CO monitor and a CO detector that you can purchase at any retail outlet.

In his recent blog post, NCI’s Director of Sales and Operations Nick Guarino explains those differences and shares why trained professionals are the only way to make sure that consumers are both safe in their homes, and educated about what to do in the case the NSI 6000 alarms.

You can read his entire post here: ncilink.com/Nick6000.

He warns that most fire departments and public utilities are NOT trained in what to do and often ignore calls from customers whose monitors are alarming as nuisance calls.

To learn more about this low-level CO monitor, check out Nick’s video here: ncilink.com/NSI6000Vid1.

February PowerPack

In this February 2022 edition we focus on some documents and brochures your professional team can use to capture data and communicate with customers about what is happening with their HVAC system that impacts their comfort.

We think you’ll find these tools and training materials very helpful as you continue to grow your High-Performance HVAC business.

Be sure to share them with your team during the month of February:

  • Static Pressure Test Diagram (Download)
  • Cooling Test-in Report (Download)
  • Fundamentals of Fan AIrflow (Online Training)
  • Value and Comfort Pre-Season Performance Air Conditioning Tune-up Flyer (Download).

Just go to ncilink.com/PwrPak to access it today. If you have any questions or are unable to access any of the tools in this program, please contact us at 800-633-7058.