As you read this, the 2022 in-person event season is underway. The International AHR Expo is in the books, and most of the key organizations in the HVAC Industry are preparing for their live tradeshow and conference events.

National Comfort Institute’s (NCI) High-Performance HVAC Summit is one of them. Summit will be live in Scottsdale, AZ at the We-Ko-Pa Resort and Casino for the first time in two years. This event happens March 27-31, 2022. We provide all the details on Summit on page XXX of the digital issue.


As the industry makes solid moves back to in-person events, several items should be on your radar regarding travel and safety.

First, travel issues remain with us thanks to the pandemic, weather, worker shortages, and so on. Rest assured, these things WILL impact your plans as you head out to attend live events. The key to success here is patience.

Your best bet is planning ahead, being prepared, and being patient.

Nothing reinvigorates better than being among peers, sharing stories, and learning from each other at industry events.

After reaching your destination, you still must be careful. It’s only natural as you attend tradeshows and conferences that you are in close proximity to people, shaking hands, making connections, gathering in small groups, dining, and so on.

This is the heartbeat of in-person events. An old trade press editor friend once told me I should travel with hand sanitizer and use it all the time at events like these. It wasn’t a bad idea then, and it is even better today.

I guess the bottom line is to be smart. Realize that we are not yet back to a pre-pandemic normal and be safe.


The time is at hand to get out there. Every contractor in the HVAC industry deserves to escape the day-to-day grind and attend industry events to recharge and renew.

Nothing reinvigorates better than being among peers, sharing stories, helping each other, and learning from one another.
Furthermore, attending in-person conferences and educational sessions brings you up to speed on the latest innovations and advances in technology, business practices, and for High-Performance HVAC contractors, hands-on training with some of the industry’s best.

For example, two of the articles in this issue are based on presentations to be given at this year’s NCI Summit by Rob Falke and David Holt. Rob teaches you about the most common Btu measurement mistakes and how to avoid them in his article appearing on page 19 of this issue.

David addresses the importance of educating and communicating with customers as you test and measure their entire HVAC systems. Read about it on page 7.

These are just two of the 18 sessions at Summit 2022.

The bottom line is that in-person training remains not only a good bet but an essential one. Don’t let the travel and safety concerns prevent you from taking advantage of these in-person events and training opportunities. And we hope to see you in Scottsdale!