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Bagley says that today, 95% of their growth is in the heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and solar space.
“Sure, we still have amazing legacy clients who have been with us since 2006. But the contracting world is our world.”

CI Web Group currently has 121 full-time team members across the U.S. and overseas. Their goal is to provide continual world class service by leveraging technology to be efficient and cost conscious. They pass savings along to their clients allowing any size contractor an opportunity to work with them.

“Our contractors love the fact that we have a love-us-or-leave-us philosophy (we don’t believe in long- term contracts). They are very vocal about how different we are from our industry competitors.

“We just ask our dealers to show up, suit up, and participate.”

CI Web Group takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to digital marketing. It’s not just about lead generation and website design. Here are some of the key holistic points they help clients with:

Jennifer Bagley's CI Web Group is the January 2022 Partner Spotlight
  • Doing the right things, in the right order, at the right time to create a strong and profitable business with sustainable growth.
  • Leveraging technology to accelerate permanent results vs. burning through cash on temporary ad’s.
  • Truly understanding the end consumer now and in the future — relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing, and societal marketing.

Understanding the goal of the entrepreneur who started the business and helping them accomplish their personal goals of attaining more Time, Money, and Freedom.

Training and Referrals

“The difference between contractors who are well trained and certified and those who aren’t is drastic,” she says. “We know this because we manage our contractor customers’ reputations,” she explains.

“In fact, we manage reviews across more than 120 AI, voice, directory, and review sites. We find that it’s a battle when we’re trying to help bring contractors new prospects, but they have negative reviews coming in because of performance issues, sales issues, CSR issues, technical issues, etc.

“There is a point where we can’t win that battle,” she continues. “We can bring 100 new unique visitors because they’re looking for heating and air conditioner problem resolutions, and they won’t convert because of negative reviews and visible reputation issues.”

She says that it’s at that point CI Web account managers tell the contractor to get trained and certified to improve their overall performance and reputation online, or else what’s the point of bringing them leads?

The New Normal

CI Web Group has been a leader in helping manufacturers, distributors, franchises, and dealers thrive in the new normal.

As consumer demand continues to increase, manufacturers struggle with equipment and supply chain issues, contractors are facing increased challenges with human resources.

CI Web Group has driven accelerated change by implementing virtual dealer meeting solutions for distributors, interactive platforms for distributor and dealer learning management systems, virtual reality training environments, and eCommerce solutions for contractors and consumers.

They have been featured in the HVAC Accelerated Success Program and Thriving in the New Normal series on YouTube.

Furthermore, CI Web Group has gone the extra mile by working with industry partners to help contractors get the training and certifications they need to help improve performance and turn around negative online reviews.

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