Some of these partners include National Comfort Institute, Amana Brand Academy, Goodman Business Toolbox training, Fyxify, Power Selling Pros, EGIA, Ruth King, and others. Bagley says this referral group addresses the contractor as a whole simultaneously.

“As we build their websites and launch their marketing strategy, we refer them to groups who can help train their team in other areas or implement needed infrastructure technology. For example, their technicians get high-performance training and certification with NCI.

“While that’s happening, we reduce the contractor’s technology stack, simplify home service management, maximize profitability, and deliver a consistent, high-converting sales experience by integrating Fyxify.”

She adds that Ruth King helps contractors keep their finances on point and track the right KPIs. Power Selling Pros works with the contractor’s customer service representatives to help them with their call conversion and customer service skills.

Positive Impacts

“When you address all of those things,” Bagley continues, “it will positively impact the business. But it takes a certain mindset to take all of that on simultaneously. It isn’t easy.”

This holistic approach is key to helping contractors become successful, build solid reputations, create sustainable growth, and take advantage of the referrals that will come in as a result.

“As partners,” Bagley explains, “our job is to understand our clients’ different communication styles. We track every ounce of it. We meet our clients where they are.

“Our logo says, ‘“CI Web Group: Technology, Strategy, Network, Mindset.’ This says everything about our methodology and what we believe in.”

She defines this as follows:

Technology is the infrastructure behind everything a contractor does. Strategy is about helping contractors to plan and be forward-thinking. Networking revolves around who contractors surround themselves with and what information they get from that peer group. Mindset is how you think.

“Once you look at marketing as an investment in the growth of your business,” Bagley concludes, “it becomes permanent. It has compounding interest. The dollar you invest today is worth more two years from now, 10 years from now, and so on.”

For these and many other reasons, High-Performance HVAC Today magazine shines its spotlight on NCI Partner CI Web Group, Inc. Congratulations to the entire team.