In our Performance-Based Selling Online Live class, we do a live demonstration of this process. In less than 30 minutes, students witness this approach in a live demonstration (minus the ‘Measure Call?) and gain confidence in their ability to expand their high-performance sales powers through this virtual method.

Getting Your Team Onboard

A great way to get the rest of your team exposed to this high-performance sales approach is to practice it with them at their own home following this simple plan:

  • Set your teammate up in ComfortMaxx Air’ as a new customer and enter a typical ‘high-static’ sample test.
  • Print the ComfortMaxx Air’ visual report.
  • Personalize and print an ‘Important Test Results? (ITR) letter.
  • Put a copy of the ITR letter, the ComfortMaxx Air’ visual report, and a ‘Static Pressure – Why Does It Matter?? Home Comfort Report flyer into the letter.
  • Put the words ‘Important Test Results Enclosed’ on the front of the envelope and drop it in the mail.
  • Tell them to read the material when they receive it and respond as if they were a real customer.
  • Perform the six high-performance virtual sales call steps described above with them so they understand the process.

This approach is a triple win! First, your teammates better understand how this powerful method works and will be better equipped to share the concept with your customers.

Second, you get more practice which will develop your trust and confidence in leading your future customers through the process.

Third, your customers will be much better off because you are well prepared to serve them, whether virtually or in person.

Get the Word Out!

Once you are comfortable with your new process, be sure to let the world know about this innovative service you provide.

Post images on your social media platforms and create a page on your website describing your ‘virtual sales visit’ process.

Fellow NCI member, Tom Kohberger, with Comfort Control Heating & Air in Buford, Georgia has taken this approach very seriously.

On their website, customers can schedule a ‘Virtual Service Technician’ or a ‘Virtual HVAC Replacement Specialist’ appointment with the click of a mouse!

Check it out on their webpage or Facebook page to see how they are getting the word out.

Is this (or should this be) the New Normal?

How cool would it be if you could do all your sales calls like this? Imagine how many more sales you could make if you didn’t have to waste so much time driving to and from prospect locations all day. Wouldn’t that be great?
There are HVAC contractors who were doing this type of selling even before COVID-19 hit. Why? Because they live in major metropolitan areas where travel is measured in hours, not miles.

These progressive contractors figured out ways to perform sales calls ‘virtually’ because they were wasting too much time sitting in traffic or trying to find an expensive parking space.

Instead of beating their truck horn trying to get to the next call, they are beating their competition and doubling or even tripling their sales because they are much more productive. And, the customers love it too!
So, can social distancing be a blessing? You bet it can’ you just have to look at ways to make it work for you and your customer.

Be safe and successful out there with this high-performance selling approach.