Did you know that being a High-Performance HVAC contractor isn’t the only thing that sets you apart in your marketplace? Being a published author who promotes the benefits of a performance approach to service works wonders too!

For business owners who want to improve their credibility, one way to start is by writing articles for publications in your industry or trade. After all, as a businessperson serving this industry, you ARE the expert, whether you think so or not.

‘Wait a minute,’ you must be thinking. ‘I’m no writer. I don’t have time to write. Even if I did, what would I write about? Why would anyone care what I have to say?’

To quote National Comfort Institute’s David Holt, ‘It’s all about changing your mindset.’

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the idea of doing something so different from what you do every day, think about the power of third-party endorsements. What could that mean to your business and to your customers?

Having an article with your name on it that helps your customers and/or your peers solve problems that no one else has solved would certainly add to building a solid reputation.

Once published, you can use that article in your own marketing and advertising so people can see you are THE expert. Won’t that help you to attract and close more customers and build the business?

And what about the pride your teammates will have when customers and peers talk about your article.  When you publish content on behalf of your company, you:

When writing articles, you have two target audiences: your customers and your peers. The subject matter can cover the industry landscape.

When the target is your customers, write from their viewpoint. Your high-performance approach to contracting demonstrates how your company is on top of the latest trends and issues affecting their comfort, safety, and wallet.

When writing to your peers, focus on the lessons you learned in operating your business, obstacles you overcame, and successes you experienced. These are all things that other contractors traveling along the High-Performance Path want to learn, especially from someone just like them.

Any article should focus on customer issues or industry problems and their solutions.

There is virtually no expense involved (other than your time and energy). This is especially true if you work with an editor who can help you and make suggestions so that your article sounds professional.

Think about this: anything you author is reuseable in your marketing, as part of your blog, or in reprints that you can use for many things: home shows, mailers, leave-behinds, and so on.

Writing articles for trade magazines (especially this one) is a win for you, a win for your company, and a win for your customers.
So don’t shy away when a trade press editor calls upon you for an article. Embrace the opportunity. Meet your deadlines. And keep the goal in mind. You’ll be glad you did.

If interested in writing for THIS magazine, just drop me a note at ncilink.com/ContactMe. I’d love to hear from you.