Fortunately, when appropriately trained, we do not have to rely on athletic ability to perform at a world-class level. In the HVAC world, we need test instruments and training on how to use them, interpret our findings, then prescribe solutions to the problems we uncover.

The satisfaction comes from identifying system problems and offering correct system upgrades as solutions! It also comes from seeing the difference compared to initial testing.

The absolute joy comes when testing out and seeing real document-able results. Knowing that you just gave your customer the COMFORT they paid for will uplift your staff and company. Your customer will be thrilled with their system upgrades investment.

The Good News

Diagnostic testing offers endless opportunities to capitalize on your field findings.

Take advantage of every opportunity for system upgrades when you’re on a service call. Mother nature does not always cooperate with HVAC businesses.

The good news is NCI can help you with the entire process, from learning how and what to test, to finding solutions based on your clients’ test results. Then you can provide recommendations and implement what they choose.

The last may be the most challenging part for an HVAC company.

There’s even more good news in that there is an endless potential of great qualified leads waiting to be uncovered through your service department.

During the craziness of summer heat or winter’s bitter cold, you can always plant the seeds based on diagnostic test results and harvest the project when things calm down.

Al D’Ambola is an instructor for National Comfort Institute (NCI). He has conducted more than 500 seminars across the USA. Al has been in the HVAC industry since 1976. He has done everything from new construction installations, oil burner “soot sucker” tune-ups, servicing residential HVAC systems, and selling residential-commercial HVAC systems. He is also well-versed in balancing residential/commercial/industrial systems. Al can be reached at