It is better for them to have an expert whose opinion they can trust. As the expert, you must understand what system will work best for each homeowner and who knows best how to troubleshoot and maintain those systems. That includes everyone on the team: not only must our installers be properly acquainted with the system they install, but the service technicians must keep those systems just as close to their hearts.

Your confidence, not just on the quality of the system you sell, but on the quality of your expertise and your work, will be the principal closer of any system performance sale.

In an article written for this magazine, we shared how our confidence enabled us to help a homeowner solve complex issues they faced when upgrading their home. It was not easy, and it was not cheap.

What made them choose Crossway? What closed the sale? Was it the brand of the equipment we were selling, or was it our own brand? In the homeowner’s own words:

Their approach was the most detailed and scientific process I have ever seen with any contracting firm. They listened to what we wanted, they went over my options with me, and even made allowances in their calculations for the new windows and attic insulation I was planning to install.” — Michael Nichley, homeowner.

Facing such challenges for upgrading systems is possible due to understanding that investing time and resources to educate oneself for the new field standards, products, tools, and practices is not just an optional advantage — it’s a must.

A system is not just upgraded by the quality of the equipment, but by the quality of the installation. What good is a higher-efficiency system if the installation limits its ability to deliver air?

Our mission is to take the lead in precisely that department. That training and education involves a lot, from having our team certified in as many skills as we can afford, then having them apply the theory in the field.

As systems become more complex, the installation practices become more specific and stricter, with the margin for error becoming narrower as the system needs to work in harmony with the rest of the home’s ventilation and envelope.

When it comes to system performance and installation work, it’s non-negotiable to implement a disciplined quality-control regimen to ensure the system will be installed properly and work according to specifications. Unfortunately, this task has evidently proved challenging for many contractors. We theorize that one of the reasons may be owed to what they prioritize: volume over quality which equates to lower pricing.