My dad started GVs Heating and Cooling in 1990 before I was born. You can say I was raised in the HVAC industry. As a child, I asked him to take me to work every year on Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work Day.

So, it was no surprise that in 2006, I decided to join the family business, doing odd jobs around the office, and eventually, somewhat reluctantly, took sales training at the recommendation of our Trane territory manager.

Mroczek is the queen of system evaluation through High-Performance testing and measuring.
Dawn Mroczek

That changed everything for me.

Fast forward to 2017, when I earned my first certification from the National Comfort Institute (NCI) Commercial Air Balancing class with Scott Fielder. To this day, I haven’t looked back. This class changed my perspective on implementing a High-Performance HVAC approach to contracting.

The result is that GVs Duct Renovation Installations have taken on a life of their own over the last few years through customer referrals and service technician leads.

Using the right tools allows contractors to make solid system evaluations and find invisible problems no one else can.
Diagnostics testing includes
taking static pressure and
temperature drop
measurements, among several
other tests.

The best part about being a Comfort Specialist is evaluating a client’s comfort system and collecting the data. I don’t only do furnace or air conditioner equipment changeouts. Frankly, that got a little too boring.

The high-performance approach makes my job fun because I solve problems no other contractor can solve!

Recently, I had the privilege of presenting an educational seminar with NCI’s Dominick Guarino at the AHR Expo in Chicago.

During our presentation, titled “Why and How to Sell High-Performance HVAC,” we discussed three types of sales calls:

  • Traditional Replacement Leads
  • Service-Generated Call Turnovers
  • Homeowners Seeking Solutions.

During that session, we asked the audience which type of sales call was their favorite. For me, hands down, my favorite is the last one — working with homeowners seeking solutions.

Over the last few years, I’ve received multiple leads for homeowners who newly renovated their homes or built a brand-new home that had comfort issues. They were irritated with hot and cold rooms, furnace/air conditioners not running efficiently, furnaces not running safely, and high utility bills.

Imagine how frustrating this would be, especially if the problems happened in a brand-new house!! In one case, the customer gave up on the installing contractor and just wanted a solution.

This client, The Silver family, lived in their newly constructed home for about six months before experiencing extreme room temperature differences on the second floor. This home had two systems: a basement furnace (provided heat for the basement and first floor) and a furnace located in an attic to condition the second floor.