Measure for Fun and Reward

What I do for a living isn’t work’it’s fun. It’s fun because I enjoy helping motivated people create improved results. I love it that my training graduates routinely sell jobs for $12-$15,000 or more, that over 20% of my newsletter articles are opened and read, and that over 90% of those attending my speaking events find the content highly-valuable.

Measuring provides feedback that can stimulate the need for change, and it can also provide recognition and be the basis for reward.

People appreciate and value being sincerely recognized. Money as a reward mechanism is a distant second to recognition. Measure and post your sales results and you will find your top performers will work hard to stay there, and others will work even harder to measure up with the best.

SIX-Step Performance Measuring Action Plan

  • Establish appropriate performance measurements and goals
  • Assign someone to keep the results up to date
  • Post publicly
  • Reward outstanding performance
  • Privately coach for improved performance when needed
  • Commit to leading and managing your business intentionally, establishing goals, defining expectations, and create a culture where your team members are expected to create outstanding results.

Create a fabulous 2019, no matter what the weather and economy have in store for you!

Tom Piscitelli has over 40 years’ experience in HVAC sales, sales management, marketing and consulting. His articles have been published in trade magazines, he often speaks at industry events, he has produced three HVAC sales training DVDs.

He particularly enjoys bringing cutting edge training approaches to our industry. Visit