“It’s based on how bad the customer’s system static pressure is. This spreadsheet tool won’t help fix all their problems, but it is an easy go-to for providing significant improvement.

“Our next goal is to increase the sale of duct renovations.”

The Ultimate Success

John Boylan says that the bottom line in their marketing area is that many HVAC companies don’t try to do testing and measuring, so they talk it down like it’s not that important.

“But we have enough case studies now that we can tell customers who are on the fence to call our other customers who will share their experiences with our team,” he says. “A number of our clients tell us they can’t believe what we did for them. They describe Lakeside as magicians, or they talk about the Magic of Lakeside.

In the end, with all the changes that have affected the HVAC industry in the last eight years, Lakeside Service has seen a huge positive impact on their business by adapting a High-Performance culture and style of operation.

“In my mind,” John concludes, “High-Performance Contracting helps you take your craft to the next level.

“It requires the best training. You should never settle for anything less. It takes having the right people who want to be the best. Training will get you there.

“The High-Performance HVAC world is one that most don’t even know exists. It opens opportunities and possibilities.

“No one wants to be the guy who sells the same car that everybody else has. Be the guy who has something a little bit better. That is how you get people talking about your business.”

It is for these and many other reasons that High-Performance HVAC Today magazine has refocused its Contractor Spotlight on Lakeside Service. Congratulations to John Boylan and his team.