I recently returned from a great conference attended by HVAC and home performance professionals. The HVACR Training Symposium is a forward-thinking event brought together contractors, technicians, and other professionals to learn and share. Their event covers fundamentals and advanced design and diagnostics aimed at helping to create a higher level of indoor comfort and performance.

The Symposium, now in its fifth year, is often referred to as an HVAC practitioner Woodstock. If you’re too young to know what Woodstock was, you may want to Google it!

This great meeting featured indoor and outdoor sessions in Kalos Services’ warehouses, and under tents. Topics included HVAC design, the interactions between a home and its comfort system, carbon monoxide and combustion, airflow, refrigeration, heat pump technology, indoor air quality, building science, and so much more.

A number of us from NCI presented sessions and participated in panel discussions. What struck me the most about the event was the similar intensity and passion of the contractors and professionals who attend NCI’s High-Performance HVAC Summit.

While the two conferences are very different, with Summit focusing more on execution of NCI-specific approaches, these events share the same goal: to raise the bar for our industry. In many ways the two meetings are like two different sides of the same coin.

As a 30+ year veteran of the HVAC industry, it’s exciting to witness this. Like Summit, the Symposium is based on education, and looking forward to where we are going and where we need to be.

This is not to take away from other industry association meetings and best-practice events. What’s different about the participants is they are not necessarily part of a formal group or association, rather they are a bunch of folks from all walks of life who want to be together and learn from one another at a deep technical level.

5th Annual HVACR Training Symposium

If you aren’t already familiar, I encourage you to learn more about Symposium. Here is a link to the website, where you can also get access to a virtual version of the workshops and sessions: ncilink.com/5thAnnualSymposium.

By the way, you’ll also see information on HVAC School on this site, which was created by founder, Bryan Orr, president of Kalos Services. The free website contains hundreds of lessons, podcasts, webinar-like sessions, and more.

These types of educational events, podcasts, and websites are exactly what our industry needs to grow and move forward together.

NCI’s Summit, which is now in its 21st year, is where like-minded High-Performance HVAC™ contractors meet to learn and share their challenges and successes.

In case you are wondering, Summit 2024 registration is open. It takes place from September 10-13 in Asheville, SC. We are putting the finishing touches on the Agenda and Schedule which will soon be available at GoToSummit.com. But don’t wait, register today to secure your spot in what is shaping up to be our best Summit ever!

Congratulations to Bryan Orr and his team for a job well done this year. Our industry needs more leaders like you!