This article is not about whiskey or rum. But, hey … isn’t it obvious (even when it comes to distilled spirits) that MORE PROOF = MORE POWER? In producing alcohol, “proof” is the Alcohol Content by Volume (ABV) times two.

What is “proof” when it comes to High-Performance HVAC™ contracting? In this case, evidence is sufficient to establish that measurements are accurate which produce belief in its truth.

The “power” of alcohol works in the mind. It alters a person’s mood, relaxes them, and perhaps even makes them more receptive. What is “power” when it comes to High-Performance HVAC contracting? The standard definition is that power is the ability, capacity, influence, or authority to cause something to happen.

David Small

Let’s relate this to something meaningful in life. What I am talking about is spirituality. Somebody once suggested that I don’t have to understand when it comes to questions about where I came from, why I am here, and what lies ahead. I need to believe.

Well, my response to that is, “Uh … NO! Show me your proof, your facts, your data. Show me the research.”

In an article in Contracting Business magazine titled, What Is the Current State of the HVAC Industry, the late Rob Falke of National Comfort Institute (NCI) highlighted that doing things the right way should be the norm, but it seems to be the exception.

This can be especially true if your HVAC business is in a highly competitive and price-driven market.

Why is it so? Think about the “ace” technician who decides to start their own HVAC company. What do they usually do? What would you do? You might interview some of the more prominent owners in your area, look at their operations, and get some ideas about what a successful HVAC company should look like. It might even seem to make sense that starting a business should look like successful competitors. Right?

In the article, Falke wrote something very profound: “Current conditions position our industry to deliver a custom product…” What is that custom product? He writes, “… installed HVAC systems documented to be far superior to the level the industry now offers.”

Falke wasn’t talking about technological advances in HVAC equipment. He was saying it’s time to GET OUT of “commodity selling.”

What does that mean? A commodity is an essential good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type.” If the product is “interchangeable,” why should the price be higher?

If you are dedicated to High-Performance HVAC Contracting, as NCI says, “If you don’t measure, you’re just guessing™” and “The power is in the proof.”

The suggested solution is not revolutionary, but a fundamental principle that solid faith (trust) is based on accurate knowledge.

At Crossway Mechanical, we believe in the High-Performance HVAC approach. The principles that Rob “Doc” Falke and NCI prescribe kept us healthy before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Those same principles put us in a unique, highly desirable position – with no real competition. High-performance contractors in our market are in a class by ourselves.

Does this sound like bragging?

“It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.”