Be the Hero

Being creative with a program like this does several things for you, your team, and your community. First, it shows how much you care for the team and that you are looking out for their well-being. For your community, you can become a hero. You are demonstrating how you are stepping up while at the same time moving your company up to the center of the conversation. And in the end, the benefit to you is the continued operation and success of your HVAC company.

If the comments we’ve received from members of our community are any indicator, the idea of MERV-13 masks is catching on very quickly. Within the first few days of posting on our Facebook pages and some PSA time our local radio stations donated to us, we’ve had more than 700 requests, including requests from nurses and other caregivers.

The next step is to be sure your technicians do their jobs correctly. Your trained and certified technicians should properly test, measure, diagnose, and repair customers? HVAC issues and then assure customers they are safe in their homes.

When things finally get back to some semblance of normal, you will be heroes and experts that your community remembers and turns to in their hour of need.

Dave Squires is the president of Online-Access, Inc. ‘ a subscription-based company that works with HVAC and plumbing contractors across North America to help use the Internet as more than an electronic refrigerator magnet. He is also co-owner, along with his brother Daniel Squires, of Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing in Port Huron, MI.