With more families working from home, the quest for home service contractors to be “the option” for consumers searching for help and answers on Google has never been more critical.

During these past few years, an evolution has begun in the HVAC industry as consumer expectations continue to change (ncilink.com/Expectations). This evolution includes the increased adaption of a digital marketing strategy to promote High_performance HVAC services.

Consumer Expectations in a Digital Marketing World

Here is a shortlist of basic consumer expectations in today’s climate. These expectations are driving the decision-making at HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors.

  • Consumers want to find the best solutions in the organic results on Google but don’t want advertising following them
  • They want to shop online for good, better, best options versus having someone presenting options at their kitchen table
  • They expect to see your financing options before your presentation
  • Customers want an exceptional experience after 5:00 PM and on weekends
  • They want to be able to chat, text, call, schedule, shop, pay, and subscribe to services online
  • Searchers want to see relevant promotions based on their needs
  • Consumers care about your Google reviews and online reputation more than the reviews you choose to display on your website.
Digital Marketing strategies are just one of the many services offered by Jennifer Bagley and her team at CI Web
Jennifer Bagley, CI Web Group

These expectations, in addition to a year of lockdowns and social distancing, have led to significant changes in the marketing and sales universe. I am talking about a general acceptance of the tenets of digital marketing.

Virtual sales appointments, eCommerce solutions, text notifications, workflow automation, AI chat, virtual receptionist, and online subscription systems all seemed like ideas that didn’t apply to the HVAC industry until now.

Additionally, consumers are numb to traditional advertising and embrace a more organic process to find solutions, services, and companies. This approach alters the HVAC industry’s strategy, with many contractors starting to move away from old-school paid advertising and embracing a more digital marketing approach using the web, content, social, and organic strategies.

It’s important to realize that organic advertising is a cousin of word-of-mouth advertising. Companies use organic advertising to take advantage of online search engines, video, local, and social networking sites.

So, organic advertising provides clients with information about their products without the sole use of sales pitches — more in line with a referral or an educational process.

The Benefits of Change (Digital Transformation)

Therefore, the consumer’s expectations for technology and ease of use, combined with a no-advertising preference, have created a blessing in disguise for business owners who feared adapting these principles in the past.

It has led many to invest in technologies and marketing strategies that are permanent and create a compounding interest impact on the business. They can now measure results instead of financially gambling on advertisements and old-school media.

In other words, the dollar they invest today is not merely gone when the campaign is over. It is leveraged and produces compounding results year over year.

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