In my 41 years as a journalist (37 of those years in the HVAC Industry), I’ve met a lot of people, traveled to many places, and learned much from all the different channel partners with whom I’ve had the privilege to work.

Those years included a lot of in-person meetings, phone conversations, correspondence, and in more recent years, digital meetings (Zoom, Facetime, Goto Meetings, others). In all that time, I find I get the most from face-to-face discussions, whether over a conference table, at a trade show, in a hallway between seminars, or over dinner/lunch/breakfast together. This personal approach has frequently served me well, and I am sure everyone reading this has had similar experiences.

On the other hand, unfortunately, the COVID pandemic changed all of that.

Isolation Sucks

In 2020, isolation led to business interruption, especially in the service sector (restaurants, some small retail businesses, and others). In the HVAC Industry, isolation made many customers fearful of having technicians inside their homes.

Summit Is Personal. How so? You'll need to read Mike Weil's Today's Word

The good news is that many HVAC contractors got creative and managed to do well despite the fear factor.

To be sure, fear comes from not knowing or understanding what is happening and it impacts consumers, contractors, co-workers, manufacturers, and distributors alike. In their quest to stay in business, many contractors found creative ways to put customers at ease. This benefitted their businesses and consumers alike.

Yes, Virginia, We’re Doing It Live!

With that in mind, National Comfort Institute (NCI) has re-instituted its in-person live event: the High-Performance HVAC Summit 2021. But here is the really cool thing: the program provides you a creative way to personalize what your team learns.

So, what does that mean? We created a breakout session approach where each topic area will have three options. That’s a total of 18 personalized learning opportunities. The per-class options include:

  • Novice – Choose this level if you’re beginning to learn the specific discipline.
  • Practitioner – This stage is for attendees who have begun practicing these skills and want to take it up a notch – or need a refresher
  • Mastery – Choose this option if you’re already proficient in the specific area and are ready for the next level.

This new design lets you choose sessions based on where you are today on the path to High-Performance Contracting™.

And we are doing all of this in person!

Let’s get personal!

Join us in Branson, MO from August 30th to September 2nd for a chance to reconnect with your peers in the High-Performance HVAC Industry. Summit Live is an opportunity for your entire team to re-invigorate. Your colleagues can see the High-Performance HVAC approach up-close and personal. They can interact with some of the smartest, and most successful contractors in the entire HVAC Industry.

This IS personal. Nothing beats the experience of sharing ideas, learning from each other, and being able to focus on bettering ourselves. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people and have fun together in a resort environment that should “sunset” the pandemic isolation fears once and for all.

You’ll find all the info you need at

See you in Branson!