Does ComfortMaxx Help with Sales?

For Vickers and his team, using ComfortMaxx has had a definite positive impact. ‘By adding ComfortMaxx into our sales process, we have seen a closing rate of around 80 to 90%!?

He adds that part of the reason for such success is they provide customers a proposal based on those measurements. This includes what must be fixed right away to resolve their pain points, as well as other things that can be looked at down the line that will further improve the customer’s comfort, energy efficiency, health, and safety inside their home.

Not everyone will see those kinds of closing rates, but Vickers says by focusing on performance and doing what is right for customers, you will see improvements.

He will tell you that it’s not an overnight process. It requires knowing how to test and how to interpret the test results. And then you must know how to communicate those results to customers in a way they can understand.

That requires training. In fact, though ComfortMaxx is available to the industry, the prerequisite is that your team needs to be NCI certified to input test data from their field measurements.

ComfortMaxx Report showing Split System Pulse Test in Cooling Mode.

Three Levels of Software

ComfortMaxx comes in three ‘flavors,’ if you will, and its licenses are issued on a subscription basis.

  • The first level is called ComfortMaxx Air?. It allows contractors to test system pressures and calculate airflow to generate sales leads for duct system renovation projects.
  • The next level up is called ComfortMaxx Pulse?. It includes everything from ComfortMaxx Air and adds temperature testing and delivered Btu measurement for initial system performance analysis.
  • Last, but certainly not least, is ComfortMaxx Verify?. This is the full
    level of the software which enables contractors to conduct full system performance testing before work begins and after completing any HVAC system renovations.

‘ComfortMaxx helps us to increase our bottom-line profits,’ Greg Vickers concludes. ‘It enables us to sell more higher-end equipment. And we can prove to customers that our work truly delivers what we promised.

‘We are true believers in the motto If You’re Not Measuring, You’re Just Guessing. By using this software, we have real third-party information that backs up our work. This process puts GV’s leaps and bounds above our competitors. This is no smoke and mirrors. There is nothing else like it on the market.’

If you are interested in learning more about ComfortMaxx software, please visit the NCI website ( or call NCI’s Customer Careline at 800-633-7058.