Coaching Is More Than Mentoring

Coaching your team to win championships is more than just being a mentor, it is also being aware of problems as they develop in day-to-day operations and not waiting for the Profit-and-Loss statements to realize you are not winning.

That is a little like trying to fix your program after the final whistle blows and you are sitting at home watching the next round of the playoffs.

I do believe you need to be financially sound and educated in the numbers. But what if you could see profit potentials or loss each day at 9:00 AM or 1 hour after your start time?

What if you developed the ability in yourself to see a team member in distress and who needed a little coaching up? Or to see a team member who just does not fit and needs to be moved either internally or externally? What if you could build a team that won awards every time they competed?

Now as I ask these questions, I realize that even John Wooden missed two years of the 12 in his historic run, but I think we would all take that type of ‘failure’ as a great improvement.

Your Biggest Competitor is You

When discussing the HVAC industry and coaching of your team, you must understand one key point: you rarely have anyone to compete against other than yourself.

There may be another company in your area that competes with you for projects and customers, but there is no line outside your shop to block you from producing. They are not trying to tackle your best tech from fixing a system or blocking the shot of your install team.

Coaching, along with mentoring is one of the best ways to teach
Coaches strive to help their team improve by learning from mistakes. This is not done through raised voices, negative criticisms, and the like. It is done through teaching and leading.

Normally only you and your team can oppose the production and success you desire. Now, I can just feel everyone thinking about how the internet and difficult clients are roadblocks, but even these issues cannot stop you from producing or serving your customers.

Like a good coach, you need to watch your day develop from the sidelines and make adjustments that will produce scores.

I always tell folks that I do not mind working. But I am lazy by nature, so if I can find an easier way to produce results, I will do that.

Would you love to make the same or more profit with less conflict?

Think about this: How would Wooden deal with the tech who forgot to turn on the disconnect to the condensing unit and left a good customer without cooling in August? Or the install crew that left the door open and the dog got out, or did a poor job of cleaning up after they finished? I can assure you that those players corrected that type of performance or they did not play for John Wooden.

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