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This NCI Tech Tip is a one-page checklist providing instructions for navigating the digital menu of the TSI/Alnor EBT Balancing Hood. First, it includes a seven-step checklist for setting the instrument up to take airflow readings up to 500 CFM at registers and grilles. It also includes a 17-step process for taking airflow readings when grille and register airflow is more than 500 CFM.

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David Holt, Training

Closing Sales The Performance-Based Way

In a Performance-Based Contracting Business, your job as a salesman is to not only find out your customers’ pain spots, but to know what makes your company different from all the rest. Then the key is communication.

NCI Trainer/Coach David Holt shares his insights and details how to get around the ‘box pricing’ quagmire most of you face every day.

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David Richards, NCICarbon Monoxide: What Do You Know?

Something isn’t making sense. You have visual signs of flue gas spillage from the water heater due to melted grommets, but your CO readings are showing the water heater is operating safely.

Could there be something else going on that’s creating the spillage?

NCI’s David Richardson provides insight to help solve this mystery.

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Online University

National Comfort Institute, Inc. Online University

Featured this month is NCI’s Fan Laws training. Using fan laws is an essential part of adjusting system airflow in commercial equipment with belt-drive motors. In this module we discuss the three basic fan laws and how to apply them to a commercial HVAC system.

For those of you looking for more than in-person training, these online courses focus on several areas of concentration:

  • NCI-specific training on testing and measuring
  • Exclusive NCI soft skills and business training
  • Basic HVAC training to help prepare students for various NATE certifications and more.

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There’s An App for That …

Mobile apps for HVAC contractors are everywhere. Do they provide big bang for the buck (or download time)? Not necessarily. NCI’s David Richardson has found a number that make great sense for the Performance-Based Contracting’ community and we present those here.

This month we highlight one from DesignStein, LLC called SuperCool HVAC App. This app includes a duct sizing and layout calculator, superheat and subcooling charging calculator, a compressor windings troubleshooting guide, plus a converter for everything HVAC.

It even has heating and cooling airflow troubleshooting built in.

This is a free app available in both the Google App and Apple App stores. Check them out and let us know if you think ‘the juice is worth the squeeze.’