System Renovations and Air Upgrades

According to Bryce, the company has a substantial maintenance agreement client list and a very structured process when it comes to how they communicate with customers.

Because of multi-tiered career levels, maintenance is typically done by a lower level technician. If they encounter an issue beyond their scope, they call in the higher level techs to double-check and confirm the issue.

Says Bryce, ‘We have a list of what we call mandatory second-opinion conditions. If we find things going on with the system that present opportunities that the customer needs to be aware of, we send a higher-level tech out to verify the findings.

‘The person who comes in for the second opinion usually has a broader level of training, experience, and understanding of potential solutions and options. We like this two-step approach because it lets us offer clients educated opinions and professional advice as to what they should consider.

‘I want us to live up to the standard that pound-for-pound we are the best HVAC and plumbing contractor in our marketplace,’ Bryce continues.

Performance Mode

He calls this operating in performance mode and says it starts with understanding the customer and how they use their home, what their plans are, and what they do and don’t like about their comfort throughout the house.

Kelly Johnson is president of AC By J
Kelly Johnson is the president of AC By J.

‘Our techs ask leading questions like, ‘what is the most uncomfortable area in your house?’ We use that conversation as a guide, along with all the information we gather technically through testing and measuring to find all the opportunities that might be there.

‘We also use the best technology available to us ‘ flow hoods, static pressure testing kits, CO detectors and monitors, high-quality leak detectors, air quality monitors ‘ in conjunction with the conversation to put together a plan that offers the customer choices.’

Bryce adds that their techs know how the equipment and ductwork need to be viewed together as a system to get a true picture of what is happening in the home.

‘Sometimes this can be overwhelming to a customer. But, oddly enough, this issue used to be more of a challenge than it is today,’ he says.

Why? Because the Phoenix area has many excellent HVAC and plumbing contractors who do some testing and measuring and talk with clients about more meaningful things. Bryce says that makes for a more educated client base and that is a good thing.

A Philosophy to Live By

According to Bryce Johnson, if you were to ask anyone who works at AC by J what the purpose of the company is, they will tell you that ‘we exist to improve the quality of the lives of other people. That starts with our clients.’

Bryce’s other rule to live by is having a passion for the business.

‘We see passion from the people we train with. NCI trainers are so passionate about what they teach. It’s infectious,’ he continues.
‘Everything NCI teaches is very relevant to running a performance-based contracting business. Furthermore, the HVAC business is an essential business. It always has been, but now more than ever. Consumers are realizing it. The government certainly has finally recognized it.

‘This business can be really wonderful and a fantastic career. But only if you approach it with passion. Those who do have passion can take their business anywhere they want.’

It is for these and many other reasons that High-Performance HVAC Today has shined the spotlight on AC By J. Congratulations to Bryce and Kelly Johnson and their entire team.