Keep It Positive

When discussing your findings with the homeowner, it?s important to keep the conversation positive.

No one wants to hear they made a bad buying decision, perhaps when they bought the home, or last replaced their equipment.

Lead generation can come from information you share

Here are just a few examples of Performance-Based HVAC? Contractor websites containing good consumer content.

Telling them this is one of the worst systems you?ve seen this year, their statics are through the roof, and it?s a wonder the equipment hasn?t had a complete meltdown by now is not a good approach. Not too many people would respond well to that.

In fact, most would look at it as a scare tactic, and become highly suspicious of your claims and worse, your motives.

A better approach to keep customers engaged is to share that you found some pressures and other readings in their system to be outside of the manufacturer?s specifications. Reassure them that, based on the age of the home and HVAC equipment, their system is fairly typical.

Be sure to reinforce the fact that the technology, tools, and training available today were not readily available 10 or 15 years ago. In fact, many of the testing tools used today have only become available recently.

Use analogies like airbags on cars and laser surgery, both of which didn?t exist until the early eighties. In all industries, technology is constantly evolving and improving.

Next mention that while their system is typical, the symptoms they?ve been experiencing can be significantly improved. The key is to gently bring the customer up-to-speed on what improvements can be made while demonstrating that your company is the right choice to do the work.

Balance Your Marketing to Better Generate Leads and Sales

While you can?t rely solely on sales generated from service and maintenance, these visits can be your best source of high-quality leads with high closing rates.

It?s important, of course, that you balance your marketing with multiple approaches including direct mail, newsletters, email, and especially your website.

Be sure to make your site as content-rich as possible. Not only will this improve your standing with search engines, but you will also quickly become the go-to resource for information when people are having home comfort issues, or are doing research before replacing their systems.

Education is key in today?s fast-paced environment. More consumers than ever before are using the internet to become well informed before they pick up the phone or click on a website to schedule an appointment.

In Part 11 of this series, we will explore how you can get started on your path to High-Performance without overwhelming your team or disrupting your existing business model.

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