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Digital Power Meters

Have you been looking to increase the accuracy of your power measurements and move beyond volt amps? The Mastech MS2203 is a true RMS three-phase intelligent digital power meter offering power factor correction at an affordable price.

The Mastech MS2203

Quickly gather voltage, current, active power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, and Power factor corrected wattage.

This meter comes with four clamp-on power leads, which are connected to three legs of power and ground. The current clamp is progressed from leg to leg, measuring and storing the data. It then calculates wattage at the push of a button.

If you desire to log data, the unit does have a function where it draws power from the system it’s measuring for long monitoring periods.

For technicians focused on customers who have high energy consumption, more accurate wattage measurements can aid in the analysis of potential energy savings and EER calculations.


For contractors, whose focus is primarily in the residential single-phase market; the Amprobe ACDC-52NAV is an excellent meter for power factor correction.

Gather power factor, volts, amps watts, and phase verification. Change settings and the reading viewed with the onboard joystick.

It’s ease of operation and single-step wattage reading is quick by measuring voltage and current simultaneously.

For more information on the Mastech MS2203, visit their website at ncilink.com/MS2203.

You can get more information on the Amprobe instrument at ncilink.com/52NAV.

by Justin Bright, Field Coach and Instructor, National Comfort Institute