The NCI Connection

Doug Young says that his company’s core values mesh nicely with National Comfort Institute and other organizations across the industry.

“We sell technical equipment that, if not installed right, can injure people,” Young explains. “This is something we take that very seriously. We are very selective about who we sell potentially dangerous equipment to. If contractors are unwilling to train, they cannot buy gas-fired equipment or refrigerants from us.

During the Behler-Young HVAC/R Expo
in October 2022, Doug Young (center) visits industry partner National Comfort Institute’s booth.
Also pictured are NCI’s Nick Guarino (left)
and David Richardson (right) .

“We completely agree with the concepts of training contractors to look at both the equipment and the ductwork as a single system. Technicians working in the field need to understand what that means. When out on service or maintenance jobs, techs should be able to recognize whether a system was designed and installed properly. Sure, quality equipment counts, but there are so many other factors that go into having a system that ultimately performs well,” says Young.

He adds, “We preach to our contractors to ask their customers what comfort is worth to them. Customers typically talk about how many quotes they received and how expensive they are. They have no idea about who makes their equipment or who installed it.

“They have no idea because everything is hidden in the basement or attic. But once you get them thinking about the value of their comfort, the quality of their air, then the discussion changes.

“To me, that is the secret sauce that differentiates the high-performance approach from all others.”

The Value of Relationships

Earlier, Doug Young talked about how, as a 97-year-old company, they always focused on taking care of their customers and their team. In some cases his customers are second or third-generation owners whose grandfathers did business with his grandfather. Doug says you don’t reach the 97-year threshold without creating long-lasting relationships. He adds their success is also due to incredible people on their team.

“When you get down to it, we’re not in the business of getting quick fixes. We’re in it to win it long term,” Young concludes. “Relationships are the key, which is why it must work from the very beginning of the supply chain to the ultimate end user.”

For these and so many more reasons, the High-Performance HVAC Today magazine team has selected Behler-Young for their November 2022 Partner Spotlight. Congratulations to Doug Young and his entire team.