“We do a lot of duct renovations and air upgrades on nearly every new install. We never swap out equipment. It’s just incorporated with our replacements, a core part of our business.”

Staying the Course

Basnett says he finds it amazing how many HVAC contractors don’t understand the importance of airflow. The reason? He says it’s a training issue.

“If you don’t invest in training, you can never exceed what you already know. You have to understand the importance of training before you can do anything with it,” Basnett explains.

Staying the course, from Basnett’s perspective, means committing to training.

“I believe what gets focused on gets done. it’s consistency that has been the toughest part of the performance process.”

— Rob Basnett

“Last year, during the pandemic shutdowns, I targeted my training effort on those employees who committed to training, who actually do it, then put it to use.

“My philosophy is if you’re not willing to invest in yourself, I’m not willing to invest in you either. The result: we spent less money last year, and that worked well for us.”

Setting The Stage

Though the pandemic hurt much of the U.S. economy, it also set the stage for the company to break records in sales and revenues.

With reduced staffing and hesitant customers, Rob had to rethink his approach to the market. Setting up incentive programs and making necessary process changes helped the team make up for any losses incurred early in the shutdown period. Basnett says they are well on track to having a record year.

“I think by focusing on what’s important — bringing a performance perspective to our customers — and remaining among the top problem-solving HVAC companies in our area, is why we are as solid as we are today,” Rob concludes.

For these and many other reasons, High-Performance HVAC Today magazine once again shines its contractor spotlight on the team at Basnett Plumbing and Heating in Littleton, MA.