Set the system to fan only and let it run. When duct heat gain or loss is present, the home gets uncomfortable in a few minutes. Calculate the difference between the supply and return air. It should be zero. Watch their faces as they learn and let the test data build their desire to own a solution.

When you allow customers to discover a system defect through diagnostics, they become highly motivated to fix the system. They’re not buying your recommendation; they want to hire you to repair the problem they discovered themselves.

But When Do I Start Selling?

Did you miss it? It already happened. The customer made the sale for you as they participated in your Learn-Omercial. They learned about their system and decided they wanted the solutions only you can offer. That is the heart of the diagnostics sales lead.

Each time you help customers discover system defects, they decide to buy independent of you. It’s the events you coached them through that did the selling. They want the sale each time they ask, “Can you fix this?”

Everything Else is Paperwork

During the Learn-Omercial, it’s your job to take notes to define the work for the inventory team and installers. You form the scope of work while you uncover each system defect to be corrected. NCI has reports to help you identify the scope of work.

As each flaw is uncovered during diagnostics, briefly explain to your customer how you’ll fix it. They usually don’t care; they want to hear you are fully qualified to make the repair.

It’s not time to write a proposal yet. It is time to talk about the customer’s repair priorities. Price comes up at this point. So, pull out your phone and answer the six questions in your trusty NCI Air Upgrade Price Calculator or use your flat-rate pricing. Discuss and agree upon upgrade priority and price.

Lock down any outstanding decisions such as financing, project start/end date, construction details, and commitments for both of you.

Always include verification and final testing to prove you delivered what you promised.

Oh, how about equipment? At the kitchen table, you spoke about your relationship with your manufacturer. The customer trusts that relationship because they already bought you.

A discussion about types of equipment and costs is all you need at this point. Since they are purchasing the best system, isn’t the best equipment the obvious choice?

Before writing a proposal, settle any outstanding system issue details until you both agree. Nod in agreement, shake hands, or get a hug. Respond however your customer chooses to indicate total agreement.

The Proposal

Then create the proposal. Keep it brief when appropriate. You may include the most important points to your customer and whether you include equipment replacement.

Keep the scope of work minimal to deflect a spouse or others shopping your price.

Jack in the Bean Stalk

The diagnostics sales lead seed looks different from the seeds planted to grow a typical equipment replacement sale. Jack planted magic beans to make his dream come true.

The seeds you plant during the Learn-Omercial bring a sense of magic to the services you offer customers.

Why shouldn’t an HVAC guy bring some magic into customers’ homes? The magic is in the Learn-Omercial and what they discover, think, feel, and receive from you. If what you do in their home doesn’t feel like magic, you’re planting the wrong seeds.