Does the Sales and Marketing Messaging Work?

Based on their marketing, 56% of survey respondents say their high-performance sales closings are increasing. Still, the biggest pushback from consumers they hear is about affordability. More than half the respondents say their customers tell them their prices are too high.

The next biggest push back is that consumers tell them no one else talks about high-performance. In fact, consumers say that respondent competitors erroneously tell consumers high performance is just a way to increase prices and make more money.
Countering such push backs can involve things like offering:

Sixty-seven percent of respondents say that their high-performance HVAC approach generates solid sales leads.

The Role of Reputation in Sales and Marketing

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

Many experts and consultants say that reputation is the most critical aspect of your business. It affects everything from company revenues to employee pride. It also effects the number of growth opportunities to the types of potential employees you can hire.

Our survey backs this up. Those respondents who depend on word-of-mouth marketing say the better their reputation, the stronger word-of-mouth marketing goes.

A large percentage of those who use social media marketing (68%) say that they track their online reputations using Google, and just over 11% use some other medium to track it.

Of those who market digitally, 56% of respondents specifically use social media to get their message out. They break down their
use of social media as follows:

  • 60% use it for promoting specials
  • 80% use it to push company/industry news and customer feedback
  • 40% for marketing messages.

Eighty-nine percent of them push their social media messages through Facebook, 44% through Twitter, and 22% through LinkedIn.

Why Does Social Media Messaging Work?

More than half of the respondents who promote using social media say it works for them because of the buzz it creates. Michael Greany of Aire Rite® Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration in Riverside, CA, says, “Social media campaigns that promote our air upgrade and duct renovation work get people talking.”

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