Energy Star Recognizes NCI and NBC

ENERGY STAR recently recognized National Comfort Institute (NCI) and National Balancing Council (NBC) as Functional Testing Agents in support of their Multi-Family New Construction HVAC Functional Testing Checklist (

What this means is that HVAC contractors who?ve trained and been certified by NCI/NBC in the following disciplines are qualified in the Energy Star program.

EPA's Energy Star designation has bee reward to NCI. Sessions

For NCI, contractors qualify for sections 1-6 of the checklist if they are certified in Refrigerant Side Performance AND any of the following air-side certifications:

  • Duct System Optimization Specialist
  • Residential System Performance Specialist
  • Residential Air Balancer
  • Commercial System Performance Specialist
  • Commercial Air Balancer.

NBC-certified contractors qualify for sections 1-9 of the checklist if they?ve earned Refrigerant Side Performance AND the Large Commercial Balancing certification.

Regardless of Energy Star programs and/or participation, this is recognition of the NCI and NBC Certifications by both the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy.

These designations came about thanks to the hard work of NCI?s Utilities Services division (