Rusnak says NCI’s training has dramatically impacted the Westland team, especially the CO and Combustion safety training. He says nine out of 10 service techs are certified in combustion analysis.

“The air balancing and static pressure classes are also critical to us,” Rusnak says. “We apply the lessons from those classes to every HVAC system. If air is moving through ductwork, then balancing and measuring are necessary to diagnose systems. This measuring and balancing process is how we make customers more comfortable, and their HVAC systems work more efficiently.”

Westland service vehicle

“Our success is pinned on the fact that we are not afraid to do what’s right for customers. We have no fear because we are well-trained and know our business,” says Christian Wimmer.

“Knowing what to do when encountering different situations in the field is important. And we see so many things like undersized ductwork that’s falling, returns starting to come loose, and cracked heat exchangers. It makes me sick as I wonder how long these conditions have endangered the customers,” Wimmer adds.

“Performance training for our guys is the groundwork behind our success,” Jeff Mitchell concludes. “With performance training, they can expand their vision, keep themselves and their team safe, and protect their customers. And one more thing: they can make much more money and be much happier.”

For these and many other reasons, the High-Performance HVAC Today magazine team has selected Westland Heating, Air Conditioning, + Plumbing as the March Contractor Spotlight. Congrats to the entire team.