The Performance Connection

When it comes to the concepts behind High-Performance contracting, the team at R.E. Michel are believers. After all, it fits into their overarching philosophy of putting the customer first in all things.

R.E. Michel boasts hands-on training centers across the U.S.
R.E. Michel’s Glen Burnie Training Center includes hands-on training on boilers, condensing units, mini-splits, and more.

‘We will not lose a customer over an issue,’ Doc explains. ‘We do everything possible to resolve customer problems and keep them happy.’

In other words, he says the idea is to find ways to serve the best interest of the customer at the level closest to the customer.
Which is another reason why R.E. Michel is a strong supporter and proponent of training. Through their mission to train contractor customers, R.E. Michel management became aware of the National Comfort Institute (NCI). Many of their customers were already members of NCI.

‘Today, as we’ve learned from NCI, performance goes well beyond just making sure the equipment is installed and operating correctly. You have to consider the air system, the ductwork,’ Doc says.

‘This is a growing partnership that means a lot to us. The goals we’ve set as an R.E. Michel/NCI Team are very exciting. We are committed to not only taking care of the customer we have today but also to find the customer of tomorrow, together. That’s where we will see growth with the NCI group of the contractors,’ he says.

R.E. Michel Today

J.V. ‘Beau? Michel III is the director of purchasing and distribution for the company. He is also Doc’s nephew and has been in the business since 1987.

Beau Michel is Doc's nephew
Beau Michel

‘This industry has changed so much from the day when a distributor salesman walked into the back of a contractor’s shop with pencil and paper in hand.

Today many contractors are connected directly to our inventory system so they can find the products and equipment they need, even if their local branch doesn’t have it available when they need it,’ Beau explains.

‘We buy well, track inventory returns, and translate that into providing our contractor customers what they want, when they want it, at a price they can afford. We have the right inventory at the right time and at the right price,’ Beau says.

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