Readership ‘ the lifeblood of any magazine, newspaper, and blogger. In the trade press industry, it is of vital importance for the writers and reporters to know exactly who their audience is in order to find the best ways to serve them.

That is what I was taught as a young journalist. But it really wasn’t until later in my career that I was introduced to a different way to think about this concept.

It was during HVAC Comfortech 2014 in St. Louis, MO that I was exposed to the idea of Servant Leadership from my friends at the Service Roundtable. They presented their first Servant Leader Award to the extraordinary Tom McCart posthumously.

You see Servant Leaders like McCart turn the entire idea of ‘power leadership’ on its head by putting co-workers and customers at the very top and the leader at the bottom. The leader serves employees and customers alike.

This concept really works and has been an important part of my professional and personal life ever since. So when I joined National Comfort Institute (NCI) in 2014 and truly came to understand the meaning of Performance-Based Contracting’, I saw immediate connections to the Servant Leadership philosophy.

In a nutshell, Performance-Based Contracting’ focuses on providing the very best service in HVAC and duct system performance based on proper testing, measuring, and diagnosing. It requires training and understanding the best tools to use. Ultimately, this service delivery method puts the co-worker first.

So when NCI launched this publication, my mission was to provide the best editorial serving the unique needs of the High-Performance segment of the HVAC Industry.

Obviously I have a lot of help from the real pros – Dominick Guarino, Rob Falke, and our entire team of trainers.
So what is our audience reading? In this fourth year of publication, statistics show they read this magazine for technical tips and how to implement the necessary processes to serve their markets best.

For example in 2019, our top four most-read articles were:

Interestingly, the last one was written and posted in 2016, but still made it into the 2019 most read column!!!

The other articles in the top 10 all focused on how to measure, test, and diagnose HVAC and duct system performance issues.

What does this mean? It means that High-Performance HVAC Today magazine is serving the growing Performance-Based Contracting Industry and fulfilling our Servant leader role in this industry. It also means that we want your continued input. So the question is, how can we best serve you? We are always open to ideas, suggestions, and contractor authors who want to help serve their peers.

So what are you reading? Tell us what topics press your hot button, then let us serve it up to you.