The furnaces operated at their normal rating, then overfired and underfired. In all cases, when fired at normal sea level settings, the furnaces operated safely up to 6700 feet. Interestingly, most furnaces operated with higher carbon monoxide output when underfired. There could be more conversation about the testing, but this is enough for now.

So, based on the above study, why do manufacturers still require furnaces de-rated at the listed altitudes? In most cases, the gas used has less Btus than this test, making de-rating even worse.

The science behind testing and measuring will remove most doubts as to the airflow of any system.

Don’t we believe in science?

Disbelievers and Naysayers

There are additional warnings and disclaimers about other required procedures that were never tested or verified. Sadly, would testing even make a difference? Over the years, as we uncover new information that disagrees with the old ways, naysayers dismiss the information. In addition, I believe that today any time you disagree with someone in authority, they label you a troublemaker.

Two of my favorite quotes are from Albert Einstein, who said, “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth!” He also said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds!”

In the HVAC Industry, there is a saying that no matter what someone tells you to do, if it doesn’t work, it is your fault. However, how can we correct things that don’t work if we don’t know the truth? The truth will always lay in science. The question is, “Do you believe in science?”