In fact, he says no one ever complains about any duct renovation work that ICT does. Like so many other strong Performance-Based Contractors, he has stories about projects where the ductwork needed repairing and replacing but were told their price was too high. The homeowner hires another, less-expensive outfit, and eventually, they call Indoor Comfort Team back because they still have areas of the house that are uncomfortable.

According to Rahmanovich, ‘They often have us come back out and redo the job the Performance-Based way. In other words, they pay twice even though we warned them about it. It is all about communicating correctly.’

Overcoming Obstacles

Rahmanovich says that closing duct renovation or air upgrade sales hit the first snag when the price is discussed.

ICT Technician tests a residential furnace.
ICT Technician tests a residential furnace.

‘When it comes to paying such a higher price, customers develop what I call selective hearing. By that I mean they’d rather hear what the cheaper guy has to say than what we do. Then they either pay twice to get the system to perform correctly, or they are stuck with something substandard.

‘From my perspective, we can and do prove that Indoor Comfort Team offers the highest standards when selling duct renovations and air upgrades.

‘We can detect problems, diagnose them correctly and repair them properly. We tell them in writing, ‘no equipment can fix or overcome ductwork deficiencies.” Rahmanovich says.

‘We set ourselves apart from competitors by surveying all the accessible ductwork, recording all the measurements, which then assess. Between the sales consultant and the office, we can catch something that contributes to the system not performing as it should.

‘This helps us see the bigger picture and allows us to help the homeowner see it as well. Performance-Based Contracting’ helps us overcome objections, sell more, and provide excellent service.’

For these reasons and many more, the team here at High-Performance HVAC Today magazine selected Indoor Comfort Team as our January 2020 Contractor Spotlight.