It’s very exciting and humbling to announce that at NCI’s High-Performance Summit this year we are unveiling a brand-new product we have been working on for several years: Certified System Performance.

HVAC System Certification allows High-Performance Contractors to take their great work to the next level. Want to learn more? Read on.

What Does It Do?

This brand-new certification allows you to test, verify, and certify an HVAC system’s delivered performance into the home. Certified contractors are now able to offer this certification on any of the systems they install and service.

System certification lets you promise a highly performing system – and prove it! Plus, it is backed by one of the HVAC industry’s top training and certification organizations. National Comfort Institute has helped tens of thousands of HVAC professionals deliver highly-performing systems for more than 28 years!

How Does It Work?

The process is pretty straightforward. A technician starts by testing an HVAC system that has been upgraded to deliver a high percentage of its rated capacity into the home.

Next, they enter data from the testing into NCI’s cloud-based ComfortMaxx Verify™ software to determine whether the system meets the minimum criteria for Silver or Gold certification.

Once the system achieves certification, a serialized number is assigned to it, and your technician applies labels to indicate it has been certified.

A packet that includes literature on the certification is handed to the homeowner. They can also download a PDF of the certificate and final report at any time.

Why Should I Certify Systems?

This certification can build great value for you and your customers. It sets you apart from other contractors in your market. It also gives your customers the certainty that you delivered high value for the work that you performed. You can certify equipment replacements, Air Upgrades™, or complete system renovations.

The result of the above is that a certified system increases the resale value of a home as it proves it is more comfortable and energy efficient.

Another great benefit of an NCI Certified System is you create a baseline that you can test against whenever you perform service or maintenance.

It’s a great way to promote maintenance agreements that include a quick, easy-to-perform retest of their system allowing you to continue to add value on every visit.

This helps ensure your customers continue to enjoy the comfort and energy efficiency of their improved HVAC systems year after year.

How Do I Learn More?

You can start by checking out NCI’ s consumer website at Here you can learn about how the certification works from a homeowner perspective, its benefits, and how to access a certification. Access our contractor website on System Certification at

For more details on this ground-breaking product be sure to read, “NCI Certified System Performance – An Idea Whose Time Has Come” on page 11 of this issue or here on the website.