Tracking this KPI is a service to our techs. It revealed an area that may need to be improved. Knowing this KPI caused our techs to ask how to improve. To serve them, we investigated the causes of callbacks. This investigation led us to training areas we had to address.

Once we knew those areas, we provided the appropriate training then re-evaluated those KPIs. We repeated this process. Over time, the callback percentage trended downward. Furthermore, not only were our techs better trained, but they also became more confident to do their job. Plus, our customers were served better.

True Servants Inspire

You know there are many more observations about serving others. One thing is for sure; a true servant inspires those around him to serve. Now how does that relate to the Servant Leadership philosophy? How can you inspire those around you? How can you become a better servant?

Look for those examples around you. Recognize those who serve and help your team be inspired by their actions. Admire the beauty of great ‘Servant Art’ and make sure those around you see that beauty too. Serve others despite your situation and chaos so you won’t have a bad day.

Then quietly go about serving those around you so they can succeed.

Jim Ball was the general manager of Ball Heating and Air Conditioning, Biloxi, MS. He was National Comfort Institute’s (NCI) 2017 Medium Contractor of the Year and is a strong believer in High-Performance HVAC Contracting. He recently sold his company and joined NCI as a trainer. You can reach him at