The Pandemic Impact

According to Orlowski, the outbreak of COVID-19 impacted the manufacturing community in many ways, and Dwyer was no different. But he says the company has a few things in place that eased the burden.

“One key factor,” he explains, “is that most of our manufacturing and suppliers are domestic. We didn’t have to struggle with pipeline issues from different countries like so many other industries did.

“Another critical factor is that we saw an increase in demand for some of our low-pressure products for filtration, flowmeters, ventilators, and so on. This demand helped to balance out some of our other areas where the market lagged.

Because of the shutdowns and social distancing, Dwyer tightened down. Processes and daily regimens changed significantly – from deep cleaning and social distancing at the manufacturing plants to moving to a more work-from-home environment.

Orlowski says that despite these changes, the manufacturing plants were able to keep up with demand.

Dwyer headquarters in Michigan City, IN.

He adds that the Dwyer office and sales team were already familiar with working remotely, so work-from-home orders had little impact.

“We embraced the Google platform. We all had laptops. So we were able to maintain our normal level of service and support for our customers.

“The bottom line is that we look forward to 2021 and getting past the pandemic,” Orlowski says.

And Regarding the Future …

Dwyer strives to be a company on which contractors can depend. Jaden Lane says they want to be the contractors’ support group. That means supporting them from not only a product design standpoint but also regarding service support.

She says, “Between our support team and our channel partners, we want to make sure they know we have their backs, and they can depend on us to make sure they have everything they need.

Dwyer is pleased to have evolved beyond being the manufacturer for an older generation. With products aimed at improving a contractor’s ability to test, measure, and diagnose performance issues with HVAC systems, they can proudly say they are reaching out to the next generation.

For these and many more reasons, Dwyer Instruments is the focus of our spotlight in March 2021.