5. Communicate With Your Vendors!

Your vendors are vital to your marketing success. They are your partners in executing marketing plans. No marketing plan will work if you don’t communicate with vendors what the plans are in advance. Evaluate your vendors and clearly understand what services they offer and what you signed up for.

Examples of such vendors include:

  • Your website company and/or digital advertising company
  • Local advertising agencies
  • Local radio stations
  • Your direct mail/social media marketing providers
  • Full-service marketing management company.

Make sure you know what your costs are and budget accordingly.

By considering all five of the above points as you plan your marketing for the year, you will be well on your way. However, success only comes with implementation and consistency. The most significant difference I find between contractors who grow their businesses and those who stagnate are these two things:

Implementation is the key to any best practices or plans for your business; they only work if you activate them.

Consistency is the other most crucial piece. Far too often, we are expecting instant results from a long-term game. So many contractors try something once and drop it after two or three weeks because it didn’t instantly produce. This is a huge mistake.

Marketing and branding are a series of touch points and impressions that build awareness and trust with your customers. Don’t be afraid to stick to your plans. Switching campaigns constantly is drastic and often costly.

Being intentional about planning your marketing will pay off, especially if you stay focused and actively implement your strategies.

Colleen Keyworth is the director of sales and marketing for Online Access, Inc., an HVAC web marketing company located in Michigan. She is also president of the Women in HVACR organization and newly-elected president of the International Network for Women in Cooling. You can reach her at ncilink.com/ContactMe.