One of the founding precepts of National Comfort Institute (NCI) is that If you don’t measure, you’re just guessing™. As we all know, to measure correctly means not only having and using the best measurement tools and technology available but also understanding how to interpret the resulting data and apply it to benefit customer health, safety, system efficiency, and comfort.

Many instrument manufacturers are serving the HVAC Industry, but few seem to have taken it upon themselves to focus on the High-Performance HVAC™ segment.

Tyler Nelson

One such company, Sauermann Group, Americas, has spent time and energy working closely with this subset of the industry in general, and with NCI in particular, to develop customer instruments to do combustion analysis, measure static pressures, airflow, and temperatures more accurately.

According to Tyler Nelson, Sauermann’s Americas Instrumentation and Industrial Sales Manager, “High-Performance HVAC contractors are the curve breakers. They’re the kids in school who always earned the “A” grades when everyone else got “C’s.” The C-folks went crazy because the A-people crushed the curve,” he says.

“The high-performance contractors that Sauermann caters to are the ones we elicited feedback from when designing our analyzer products. They lead the field. We chose them because they are the best contracting firms out there.”

As a company, Sauermann began life in Europe, in Belgium, to be exact. It was started in 1976 by Robert Sauermann to manufacture condensate pumps for the European marketplace. He secured a strong foothold in the HVACR wholesale market, specializing in fluid regulation components, and, according to their website, captured 80% of the market share held by the leader in just four years.

In 1985, Sauermann acquired a French-based instrumentation company called Kimo, which specialized in measurement instruments for indoor air quality (IAQ).

Eventually, Sauermann opened U.S. offices (2005), targeting the North American air conditioning industry with condensate pumps.
Nelson says, “In 2018, we purchased E Instruments, which sold a combustion analyzer line made by a third party.

“In 2020, we ended our contract with that third-party manufacturer and, in September of 2021 we launched our own analyzer instrument line.

“Those instruments are designed and manufactured by Sauermann using our engineering expertise,” he adds.

Nelson, who joined the Sauermann Group in August of 2019, had been in the HVAC contracting industry since 1997. He says he started on the technician side of things and, over the years, worked his way into management for a contracting firm based in New Jersey.

During his tenure with that contracting firm, Nelson earned his Master’s in HVACR certification, became a NATE and a BPI instructor.

Nelson also served as president of the North Jersey Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) chapter for two years.
Today, he is a member of the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association (NCOAA), serving as a spokesperson to the media regarding CO poisoning.

“I’m also a carbon monoxide instructor,” he adds.