The UTA programs help to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. Then, when they get back, we have programs to refine everything they just learned. Such programs include night schools and taking HVAC classes right here in Omaha.

From there, we begin moving them through manufacturer training, our in-house training, and then more technical programs like those offered by National Comfort Institute and other national training organizations.

Not every employee wants to go down that path. You have to pick the right person, cultivate their desire to succeed, and help them grow. That’s the challenge.

Commercial technicians typically don’t need the same level of training. Why? Because they’re basically out in the field and installing ductwork, but they’re not doing High-Performance contracting work. Installations are based on blueprints, which require different types of training. For them, though, it’s primarily hands-on training in the field.

Training Management

As you can see, this is a lot of training, and as we have grown, staying on top of it has become more challenging. Until now, we’ve relied on our techs to track what training they’ve taken and what they want to take next.

That process no longer works well because it’s very easy to lose track. We have 71 employees, with around 25 focused on commercial work. The others are our residential service and installation techs. A full-time training manager is becoming more apparent, and we budgeted for that in 2023.

Attracting New Talent to Getzschman Heating

The good news is that by creating a culture of training in your company, you can also create another means of attracting new talent. Let’s face it – finding and hiring the right people is more challenging today than ever.

At Getzschman, our challenge is our location. We’re in the central United States, but not a highly populated area. So it isn’t easy to find trained technicians and trained commercial installers with whom we want to work.

The good news is that since our merger with Turning Point, we’ve become a part of a national company with recruiters focused on finding talent and bringing them into the company. Today, this boils down to finding someone with a good work ethic, who wants to learn a trade, and is eager to work.

That’s the person we want, no matter their background. We can take care of the training. We’ve evolved to do that because that’s the only way we’ve found people.

One More Thought

Ultimately, we cannot do everything alone as owners and partners in an HVAC business. Our company has benefited tremendously from partnering with third-party organizations. The technical training and information we’ve received from National Comfort Institute over the years are critical to our overall success.

If you belong to such a group or are considering joining one, do so. Be sure to take advantage of everything they have to offer. From training to networking, these groups are worth their weight in gold.

But don’t stop there. It’s entirely up to you to take what you learn and mold your business culture into something greater than it was. You do that with training so your team can provide customers with better installations, systems, and service.

A company is a tool to grow, to change lives, and to help improve the lives of the people who work for you. By doing these things, your business will grow. This is undoubtedly the case for Getzschman Heating – not only for our employees but the management team and our families.

Scott Getzschman and his brother Ron, are the owners of Getzschman Heating LLC., Fremont, NE. This award-winning contracting firm has been recognized by local and national associations and trade groups for achievements in training, sales, and community service. Getzschman employs 71 people and serves the HVAC residential, commercial, service, and new construction markets. To reach them, go to