Multi-tier Service Agreement Benefits

Here is how a multi-tier service agreement offering is mutually beneficial:

Customer Benefits

  1. Reduces hassle
  2. Restores lost capacity
  3. Increases equipment life
  4. Priority Service
  5. Scheduled preventative maintenance with precision tune-ups and professional cleanings
  6. Avoid or reduced trip/diagnostic charges
  7. Discounted service
  8. Discounted maintenance
  9. Saves money on energy and repairs – Pays for itself
  10. Peace of mind
  11. Expense predictability
  12. Prevents unnecessary breakdowns
  13. Avoid downtime
  14. Increased safety
  15. Improved health
  16. Enhanced comfort
  17. Loyalty credits
  18. Company newsletter
  19. Special offers and events
  20. Safety, service and helpful tips, bulletins
  21. Happier homeowners
  22. Remove holiday lights
  23. Remove bulk trash
  24. Change light bulbs and smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detector batteries
  25. Change air filter, UV bulbs, humidifier pads, water filter, etc. as needed.

Company Benefits

  • More revenue
  • More profit
  • Steady cash flow
  • Reduce revenue dips in shoulder seasons
  • More ancillary product sales
  • Customer loyalty and repeat sales
  • More referrals
  • More opportunities to build customer relationships
  • Guaranteed and balanced workload for company
  • Year-round full-time employment for co-workers
  • Job security
  • Happier co-workers
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Ability to cross-market services
  • Healthier more valuable business for the potential sale of the company.

Creating more opportunities for connection to your company is more sustainable with less of a marketing expense to create future purchase opportunities for other services.

A multi-tier service agreement program will make your company stickier to more customers and help you build your ecosystem of customers and ensure your business longevity.

Drew Cameron is president of both HVAC Sellutions and Energy Design Systems, LLC; an alliance providing industry-leading marketing and sales consultative support as well as sales recruiting, training, coaching, and more for Home Services Contactors. In addition, Drew serves as a trainer for the Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA). Contact him at 610-745-7020 or by email at