In these unstable times, it’s more important than ever to develop stronger bonds with our employees. Communication is key. We need to substantially increase our efforts to let everyone know what’s going on, in real-time.

Justifiably so, most people are confused, worried, even scared about what might happen to their family’s health and well-being. Their financial health is tethered to your company, and they are looking to you for leadership.

None of us have magic wands or crystal balls to help us reassure everyone that it will be alright, and things will go back to normal by a certain date. We can, however, reassure our people that we are doing everything possible to keep our companies strong and viable, while adapting to this new normal, albeit temporary. This steady leadership needs to be demonstrated in clear, concise words, but most importantly through our actions.

Take Action

There are many ways we can take action to help ensure that we make it through these tough times. In the weeks ahead many articles will be written to address how you can keep your company strong through this pandemic.

One key action to take immediately is communicating with customers how you plan to keep them safe during this tumultuous time. Be sure to focus all your marketing and communication efforts on this messaging. I shared some thoughts on how you can be proactive with customers in my April Last Word in Contracting Business: COVID-19 And Your Business: Fight or Flight?

Distance Learning Can Make a Big Difference

If things are slow, it’s important to keep your people engaged and hopeful by looking forward towards the future. Keeping them engaged through learning is a good way to keep employees positive and hopeful.

Look for ways to enroll your team in distance learning they can take even if they are self-quarantining at home. They will appreciate that you care enough to do something positive for them.

This goes especially for employees who you’ve had to furlough or layoff temporarily. What better way to stay connected and show them you still appreciate them than to enroll them in online training and other distance learning programs?

There are many organizations out there that have ramped up distance learning offerings just over the past few weeks. Many have great content. Be sure to study each offer carefully before enrolling. Some are just thinly veiled sales pitches designed to sell you into buying the latest end-all product or snake oil. Fortunately, most in our industry are legitimate and have great content.

NCI is also increasing our efforts with our distance learning programs, from short courses all the way up to comprehensive multi-day classes online. We offer dozens of learning modules on technical, business, and customer service topics, both ala carte and in comprehensive programs.

These are available to all your employees at one low cost and include more than 80 pre-recorded webinars with more on the way.

Our team is working around the clock to ready live, online residential and commercial recertification classes in response to having to postpone in-person training this Spring. They will be available very soon. We will also be offering live, online classes on ‘Performance-Based Selling’ as well as ‘Implementing Air Upgrades.’ Click Here to be contacted about any of these classes.

One last note: Consider doing your own web meetings with your employees to keep in communication with them about the company, what you are doing, safety protocols, and so forth. There are numerous free apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype. Some of these have upgraded paid versions. GoToMeeting is also a great and reasonably priced App ‘ we use it here at NCI.