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Cracking the Code Weekly Show

‘How to Sell to Millenials?


How can you work with millennials ‘ market to them, sell to them, even just interact with them? It’s one of the trendiest topics in any industry right now, and the answer is vital to any company who wants to work with what’s daily becoming a bigger and bigger chunk of society.

This week, Weldon Long answers that very question, explaining how the selling process can be adapted to those 20- and 30-somethings by redefining the ‘C’ in the old ABC’s of ‘Always Be Closing.’

Plus, a how-to discussion on recruiting, hiring and building your dream team and much more, on the latest episode of Cracking the Code.

Watch the show now at EGIA.org/Alliance-Show, before it enters the EGIA members-only archive on January 14th.